Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lil Bun's Diary # 1, Being Smart !

My lil Bun is becoming smarter day by day (which he should as he grows otherwise this mamma will be worried). 
He can crawl now, mimics dadddieee apart from his usual bababa dadadada gaga papapa (but no maa or mama or mamma...sob sob), stands up holding on corners of whatever height he can get hold of and what not. (i know i will find out soon on that what not !

Anyway so now with this active Lil Bun, we finally lowered his bed to be on safer side last week. But before we did it, i let him play, sit, stand in his bed (of course under my supervision) and happy he was! He could hold on his bed, stand and look outside window, how nice! 

We still need to buy those safety gates for stairs though, soon...soon.

Yesterday i entered the home after work and he was playing in the hall. He saw me, smiled and immediately started running crawling towards me. You would have seen his speed and his face full of excitement and smiles. These are the moments that makes me feel loved, blessed and worth all the pains of parenting if there are any. touchwood.

He is growing up so fast, some things he does really surprises me. I was amazed this weekend when skypeing with my parents. He wanted to get hold of laptop so that he can press some keys and can shut it close and then open ( his favorite pass time now a days with doors, windows or anything which can be opened and closed).

I kept moving laptop out of his reach. He would crawl, reach there and extend his hands and just then i will pick it up and put it in other direction for him to crawl back.
After a few times he got tired, sat there, thought something and then showed disinterested in laptop. Then a moment later he targeted something which was lying near laptop. While crawling there not even once he looked at laptop and kept his eyes focused. Then he reaches there, looks up, takes a quick turn, smiles and jumps on laptop (must be thinking gottcha). Aaah smart.

But i am his mom. I knew it better; it was gone from there already. Huh.

Gosh, kids these days are smart!

Lil Bun is now 8 Months, 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

So adorable :)

sagarika said...

awww..he looks so cute Lopa...I guess he will also be a smart kid who plays with iphone & smart devices as toys.. :)

~ Lopa said...


Thank you :)

~ Lopa said...


Thanks Saggi... infact he is already doing it.
If there is a colorful toy, and an iPhone side by side... what he will jump for is iPhone with poor toy totally ignored. LOL.
Doesn't like toy mobiles either, only into real stuff ;)

nameera said...

Awww! that's such a cute blog. Kid stories are always good :)

Pratibha said...

Posts like these make a day bright :D

Sirisha said...

awww I love reading posts like these..proud mommy post :)

~ Lopa said...


Thank you madam :)
I look fwd to read some cool college, new job, fab US stories as well ;)

~ Lopa said...


Awww thanks :)
And also thanks for dropping by...look fwd to know you more :)

I visited your blog, you are one awesome writer !

~ Lopa said...

@ Sirisha,

Who else can better understand it than another mom !

These kids are indeed our pride :)
Thanks for dropping by, look fwd to read more on your blog ! :)

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