Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A weekend with lots of "Finally"...

A three days long Weekend ! A good weekend for my "To be done" list status, with a few of them...FINALLY done /accomplished.

Please find below some edited (censored is the right word, hee hee) pages from my diary, for your reference/ updates on me.
( Yes, ofcourse only if at all you are interested !!)

Day 1, Saturday, 30th May 2009

Scene 1 - Somewhere at the furniture shop.

1:00pm - We enter this shop specializing in couches
1:30pm - Still walking across ... confused and frustrated considering 2 months of couch- selecting exercise and no results yet.
2:00pm - May be this or may be that.
2:30pm - This couch or that couch?
3:00pm - Ok if this, will it fit in our house... size-wise and colour-wise?
3:30pm - (Finally) Decide one,but we need extra sitting tables and main table.
4:00pm - Ok leave main table, we will get from somewhere else. Let’s fix the colour first.
4:30pm - Hmm this one or that one??
5:00pm - Ummm, this...no no that...
5:30pm - Ok, we order this couch but will confirm colours on Monday.

I must admit, Shop Lady was so nice to ask us to take colour & material samples with us so that we can decide at ease and come back and confirm on Monday.
We sign the order and leave. And we notice it is already 5:30pm, and opening time for shop that day was until 5:00 pm only.

As we have seen the directness of people here ( In Netherlands) , i will like to say... lady and shop manager, thanks a lot for your patience with us and thanks that you didn’t ask us to leave saying hours are OFF. That was really nice of you.
(Ya, that is other thing that we gave you a good business too, helping you achieve your day's /weekly target...hee hee)

We walk happily towards the car, thinking what next !! Let’s go to sea-shore...it is a bright sunny day. Or lets go to that fair which has come to the city... ok lets do that.

Scene 2 - Somewhere in-between parking and fair.

We go there, search for the parking, park the car and come out.
At the entrance of the fair....
ohh my god, this much entrance fee? That is too much. And there seems like just shops inside.
What to do? (I told Ashu, may be we have to pay here only and shopping inside is free... hee hee. Good one na?? No but he didn't agree! )

So after a long walk, we go back to parking....
At the door it has written "Eerste naar automateparkingkaart then naar uw auto". (Meaning first go to automating parking stand, and then go to car)

Yeah dude we got it... but atleast open so we can go there... but it didn't budge.
So we stand there confused on what to do. Then we decide to walk back and search for some other entrance door, that moment we see a family coming this way...so we stop and wait to see what they do, in the case we were doing some mistake, considering out very little Dutch knowledge!!
Ahhhh, they couldn't enter either!!

So then we all stood there and waited.
We see a couple walking towards door, (Finally) wave at them and as soon as they open the door, we all rush in; thinking let me get in first before we get locked outside again!!

Day 2, Sunday, 31st May 2009

- Found a wall where I can make a hole and place all the boards we bough to create racks for study room, yey ( I tried with hundreds changes in type of screw & type of drill for different kind of structures... like wood, concrete, metal etc etc. But it wouldn’t budge. May be coz of load bearing, so then finally selected this other wall... and conquered it finally!! )
- Could take that platform we bought for study table to second floor, which had created backache even when we tried to move it from out-side store room to inside home.
- Study room looks a bit like going to be a study room!!

Day 3, Monday, 1st July 2009

Scene 1- Morning

I keep complaining, Ashu is not romantic... he proved me wrong today!! (Finally ...!)
He had waked up earlier than me.
- I came out taking bath and I found a red rose with a note in front of mirror. (Ahh, what was written in that?? come on, it was for me, I cannot tell you)
- Went to check my cell and found a violet rose with a note beside it.
- Went to kitchen for breakfast and found a yellow rose with a note.
Ashu, That was so so nice, made my day. Thanks dear, love you.

[ Yeah i know you are angry for not telling you what was written there, but i know you are one of those who respect the private life of public figures...lol...hee hee hee, and apart from that i don't want to appear as one praising my good self !! hee hee hee. Hope you understand ;) ]

Scene 2- Noon

We went and confirmed the couch colours!! (Finally)
With half and hour this?? No that...ahhh this... no that's better.... But we FINALLY did it... After more than 2 months struggle, not leaving any furniture shop left to visit, from north to south and east to west, exploring all the regions finally we decided and finally we ordered. We did it FINALLY... hurray!!

Such a relief... aaahh

Ok now next is dining table.... start now !! :-/

Scene 3- Evening

Finished working on the study room, racks, table, drawers, chair, all done (Finally). Now what we need to do is, actually use it!! hee haa haa

Quite an eventful and busy weekend, isn’t it? ;)


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