Thursday, June 18, 2009

50% Girly...

I took this quiz on FACEBOOK;
"How GIRLY Are You?"

Noooo... not 'coz i had doubts on me ( so stop grinning) ... But 'coz as always was bored, so it was just some pass time fun to deal with my boredom (as here) .
Results: 50% Girly... *Congratulation!

What????????? 50% Girly?????
Then where did my other 50% go??
Who stole my other 50% ??? Give it back to meee!!!

And wait.... Do i read congratulation???? What was that "Congratulation" for????

Now sure do i doubt on me... !!


Nithya said...

Will need to check their definition of being girly...hehehe

Nithya said...

Lopa I really love this new idea of urs.... adding madic to your posts with lovely visuals...

Nithya said...

Magic* Mom ee kahyu tu beta typing sheekheele but the lazy bum that I was.. N now not one mail goes without a typo error.. hehehhe Leave the stuff for reader to guess..

~ Lopa said...

Yeah nits, but if u look at definition of being very girly... we don't have many attributes, really..!

Same for me... i can't type without mistakes... never learned typing, whatever typing speed is there today that has to do with those seminars and thick project reports we had to present in college ;)

Onward said...

wah wah..congrats re..congrats :)....50 % girly..thats awsm..!! :) all u gotta do is find the other 50%...:)


~ Lopa said...

hahaha, that's what i am trying to find... who stole my other 50 %... ;)

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