Monday, June 29, 2009

Time...Time.. Time... How that flies... !!

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

The moment which just came, here goes by...
That "Hi" on the way, here turns in a "Bye"...

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

A stranger crossed on the way, now becomes a friend...
The building I walked by y'day, now becomes my workplace...

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

A road so unknown y'day, now brings me to home...
Yes, same house saw y'day, now becomes a sweet home ...

Time...Time... Time... How that flies...!!

I cannot believe that it is now more than one year that we shifted to Netherlands.
So Many things changed in this one and half years.

When 2008 started, I even didn't know when I am going to marry!!! ( But definitely knew this guy whom I was sure to be married with...)
And boooom, exactly in 2 months and 2 days, there was I, happily married !
No more eligible to check that box in all the forms marked "single"!!

I didn't know that time, we are going to move to some European country (Or anywhere away from peace of that known surroundings!!) But here we are in a country, about which I didn't know anything more than Amsterdam and Tulips!! And now I sit here, writing this blog...

When 2008 started, I didn't know soon we will be on the way to start fulfilling my childhood dream of world touring. This is just a start, so many places and countries to be visited. But when I look back at the year we spent here.... it appears unbelievable.

We moved to Netherlands, bought a car, bought a house (aaah such a wonderful feeling, owning a house and making it a home!!), visited cities of Netherlands which stand beside Amsterdam and still so different each stands on its own!!! Visited few cities outside Holland... Brussels & Antwerp in Belgium, Paris in France, Barcelona & Madrid in Spain, Zurich & Lucerne (Luzern) in Switzerland, Luxembourg city and almost whole tiny country, Dusseldorf & Cologne in Germany. Aaah, quite a good coverage, isn't it? So much still to see and visit!

Ohh boy, Miles to go before I sleep!!!

And now is the time to visit back home, back India. I so so soooo miss home, family, friends, and I am so so sooooo excited to catch up with all..... 25 days to go... India here I come!!!

Three weeks vacation and then back all refreshed and positively again back to our world exploration programme!


Nithya said...

Time surely flies.. makes u realise only when its time to say a Bye... Your time has truly been beautiful and enriching and ya worth remembering.. Marriage, new life new place..
Well talking abt ur ghar n gadi I dont know y but one thing strikes strongly-
Arey Sunil babu naya ghar? nayi gadi? aur nayi biwi bhi .. arey tht ad...i think nerolac ahhahah

~ Lopa said...

@ Nithya

hehehehe, ya i know it, can you believe someone had actually said that to Ashu ;) lol

Unknown said...

Frankly speaking, this blogs summarize our 1 and half year of togetherness and dreams. We always shared a common dream since last 5 year (be together and travel a lot).
It’s been amazing last 1 year. All success credit goes to only her only and that’s LOPA.
Gadi, Ghar, travel n all -- Hats off to her and thanks for the wonderful journey (baki only she know how good am I in all this planning  )
Let’s make it more beautiful and unforgettable….

~ Lopa said...

@ Ashu

Thanks :)
We will make it more beautiful and unforgottable ! :)

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