Friday, July 17, 2009

Potter Mania ....

Harry Potter…!!! Ohh how much I loved reading Harry Potter series.... ( ya ya, I know I am not the only one…) initially in hiding thinking that's for kiddos; and I was a teenager….but later when I realized how it went on to become a big success I started accepting my potter love publically.

So much that on one of my birthdays when Ashu was out of country, he tried bribing me saying he can pick latest book for me from Singapore Airport on the same day it was getting published!!!
And again few years back when I was quite upset on not getting some good surprise gifts on my birthday... this is what I got as a present 6th book of HP series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince... and ohh boy could I be happier!!

Seeing my HP love, my friend simplyhardik mailed me the pdf version of last book in the series, Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows, on the day it got released and before I go and buy. Though I was determined to get the hard copy I couldn’t help myself opening and reading that e-book as soon as I got it. (Ya piracy and all, I know but what to do...I was helpless against me... and I did buy a hard copy after all in the end)

Aaaah, are you wondering why suddenly Harry Potter is on my mind?? Ohh isn't he on minds of many now a days?? (Ya for some it might be Hermione or Ron...Or Malfoi and Snake???) hehehe
Ya you guessed it right, As Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie got released this Wednesday and craze among people to watch the movie brought me back memories of good old time ;)

I always love reading books more than the movies based on same, and I remember the emptiness I felt when I was done reading the series ... I literally lived in that different world.... I tried finding Hogwarts in all the castles I saw while roaming in Europe... I even visualized myself walking in that era when I was walking in Christmas Market in Utrecht... winter mist, white tents, castle, people dressed in long gowns, stopping at a tent and singing, yellow lights around and snow...aaah.... I missed all the characters and I missed that it actually was over! And now watching the movie I re-lived what was gone...!

I remembered those emotions I passed through while reading it and when it was over!! I had found this particular 6th book one of the most serious ones of whole series as Dumbledore dies in this and everything becomes gloomy, while going through those pages you even feel the pain of losing someone... and this is the movie of same .hmmmm… Whatever... that doesn’t mean we don’t watch the movie...right??

We were planning to watch it yesterday night, I tried to reserve tickets online but it showed me both evening shows were full and only last show at 11:00 pm had reservations open.
So thinking about office on Friday, (and the way I feel if I don’t get my 7-8 hr beauty sleep) I reserved tickets for Saturday evening. Now no movie plan, it being summer vacation we had nothing else to do in the evening, and it being weekly shopping day in Den Haag we ended up going for shopping… there we can walk across the shopping malls, can buy something for our India trip and can eat Falafel at Kings falafel on streets of Spui market.

While on our mission-less evening wandering... destiny again brought us across Pathe theatre where movie was running ( ok ok not destiny, then how about our unconscious minds leading our legs towards that path??? nice huh??? Hehehe ) we saw this crowd there... Harry Potter fans it seemed.... Ashu asked me what time it was and if there was a show right then?? Yes, there was, starting in 10 mins..... And it tempted us to try our lucks at tickets again.... You never know!!!

At ground floor it looked busy at ticket machines.... so we ran to first floor but here too there were these long lines for tickets and then..... We spotted one machine in the corner almost un-occupied and ran for it. We tried for Harry potter and Half Blood Prince.... and yey we got the tickets.... yupppieee

But funny thing happened when we actually occupied out seats in Zaal 4 (screen 4).... tension started building on us as we realized ohh what if this movie is in Dutch, the NL version, as in our excitement of getting tickets we didn’t bother to check it... obviously on internet it did show full for the original version, and we were sitting there with tickets... something must be odd. We immediately pull out our iPhones and started checking movies shows on Pathe application. Hmmmmmm It did show us that there is no NL version show today and it was only next day that they were starting with NL version. Aaaah a little relief...!
But wait…what’s this??? First disclaimer page appeared on screen and we panicked reading that in Dutch... and a moment later there appeared clouds and music following it ( no, not where we were sitting, I meant on the screen ).... and appeared subtitle below the scene, we read the first subtitle that appeared in Dutch and both jumped out of chairs... IT IS in English!!! Yeyyyy..!

Yes so that's it, we finally watched it... But I think the lady in her 50s sitting beside me loved it more than I did, as I could hear her giggle and no one could hear mine!! ;)

Arrrrrrr.... yeah I hear it…. Saturday evening reservations, right ?



Very very cool post.. I really laughed out loud by the time I reached the end. I havent watched a single HP movie, neither have I read any of those JKR novels. Reason being the same as those that you have quoted.


Vani said...

I too find that somehow movies are never the same as the books - something always is lacking, I think! Love, love HP the book series. Was rather sad that there'll be no more. Too funny about you guys sitting in the theater wondering if the movie was in DutcH! :)

vivek said...

nice post lops!!:) i love HP too, i m planning 2 read those books now.......

~ Lopa said...


You laughed?? wow... now that's the compliment ;)
thanks :)

@ Vani

Exactlelty, i agree with you on word to word... When i finished reading 7th book, i felt sad for few days that there'll be no more, no wait, it was over !!

@ Vivek

Sirji first USMLE then HP reading ;)
and do it before people forget who was HP ;) [i doubt it will happen any soon, but why to take chance??] :)

thamarai said... what about the saturday reservations??..I might watch it today actually..:)

~ Lopa said...


ohh yes sat reservation... good that u reminded ;)
Let me know how u find the movie afterwards... :)
Enjoy the weekend !

Arunima said...

i was thinking which movie to take my MIL to. Let me ask her if she would want to watch this. This is on my list.

~ Lopa said...


Must say, Lucky MIL to get a DIL like you ;)

nameera said...

Oh..even you are a potter fan eh...My sister read re-read it 1000 times..she calls us muggles :P
Even I saw HP!first day first show!!woww!that too 3D!! :)
bUT The movie was not that good right?u liked it?

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

ya we are muggles aren't we?? ;)
I can't cast a single spell...see ;) hehehe

Ya i always love reading book more; movie was nothing in comparison of book... but what else can we expect in 607 pages v/s 153 mins !!

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