Sunday, February 21, 2010

Story of New life - Chapter 1

Note: OK, this really happened but It is obviously a bit dramatized as one would expect !

Warning: This one is one long post!!


Part - 1 Then we met...

How every moment we live leads us to the other moment !

How a sad moment is connected to a lot many happy moments and how a very feeling-low day can be a start of those wonderful days... or years in some cases...!
At least it turned out for me!

Time of mid-February 2004, Nice weather not so cold and not so hot...just perfect !

For me, It is a same normal day full of routine stuff.... woke up late, running to college for a morning class which i am about to miss in my lazy-ness... (Ya but that's everyday !)

Yes but today was different in a few ways, my bike had to break down today only, college is just 15 minutes walk but ohh god am I having those many minutes??? No, me lazy ass.
Even no auto-rickshaws on its stand so I run and run, literary.... even raced with lecturer, slowly walking towards class, to enter the class room first ... but alaaas... that embarrassment, so much part of my everyday routine to eacape from it ...and so here was another morning with that stare conveying "you, late again!!” Grrrrrr

As day progressed, another day of realization how hungry one can feel when you have been all running in the morning, forgot to grab something to eat and obviously had nothing for break-fast... ohh I want break time...I want break time... ohh god when is this lecture going to end?

I want to go out...I want to eat... wada pau... pani puri?? , nah chat, no pav bhaji, no paneer tikka, nah chhole chat, or....... or........ or ........ Or.......

Tin tin tin.... Breaktime!!! Finally...

Who wants to go out and grab something to eat?

Hey come on, we have next lecture in 15 mins, we won't be able to be back in-time, we can go after this lecture as we are free then today with last lecture cancelled.
Ohh huhhh kkkkk, who has got Tiffin?

Seems like none of our generous localite friends, who feed us happily with home cooked food, were around, and whoever were around were trying to compete with us by not bringing any heavenly home-made food, fully convinced on their own that there cannot be anything better than living our life and eating everyday out !!!

Ohh god, who will make these poor guys understand.... may be only time will, if it ever comes for them!!

So after some more time-killing attempts with passing a note to each other with our thoughts in a way making writing conversations and sms chats under the desk, finally lecture ends, Before running to fill our tummies we decide on a movie plan, eat something, go to our respective dwellings, get fresh and again meet at multiplex theatre. Prefect.

Ohh no, going to our respective dwellings??? What does that mean?? Hey wait... i don't want to walk...!! And hey what is it about getting fresh and meeting directly at multiplex?

We all can directly go there... hey come on guys.... but aaah... no one seems to be agreeing with poor me. Now as i stand there with one more spirit like me, one of my generous friend who happens to be non-localite like us appears as an angel, full of understanding for the pain we are feeling and offers a lift to home with a choice to hang out at his place and to go directly to movie from there and as anyway we have no one to report by going home ( ahh home??? Naaah probably a rented apt turned into a mess ) ... we happily agree.

We leave happily, discussing senseless serious stuff nothing of which makes any sense.

As soon as we are in the parking, I notice ohh hell where is my cell phone... ohh no!! And looking at my image of never to be seen without a cell, both of my friends are shocked, Not with the fact that I was not able to find it but with the fact that actually it was away from me for that much time to be missing !!
So then begins the search mission inside car, below car, under the car seats, we try calling on the number but it is only ringing and we can't hear or see it, we go back to college, search in college parking, class....alaaas, but it seems like it disappeared ! It left me !

We again call on my number and now it doesn't ring anymore!!

Ahh what a day, now I don't want to do anything...please leave me home.

I am home sitting thinking about how I had bought it from my savings from part-time job I did while preparing for entrance exams. How I have loved it. How I never left it alone. How nice it looked, how so many people complemented it. How it has a special place being first big thing I bought from my self-earned money !

Ohh... here I sit gloomy...

No, I don't want to watch movie.
I just want to sit, and feel the emptiness which it has brought.
I don't have a cell phone; I am cut off from the whole rest of the world.
I am left all alone.

No one will be able to contact me.
I will be just sitting like this alone, thinking about nice time with my cell and how it never let me feel alone, always keeping in touch with everyone!

Then I hear a knock on the door and here enters the creator of our movie plan... And before i say a word he goes on board...

What is this? I came to know you said you are not coming for a movie...
Yes, I don't want to...
Hey, come on... so what are you going to do then ? Sit here and cry over the lost phone??
Get ready, you are coming and I am not leaving you here alone to cry on your mobile!!

Aaah, how cruel friends can be at times!!! No one understands!!!

So I have to go to movie, to celebrate my loneliness which came with the lost of my cell, which appeared only mean of connection with the world at that time!!

We are late for the movie... a few guys are already waiting for us and so we run as movie is already started!!

Now let me be clear here, we are late not just because of me, ya my crying baby stance might contributed a bit but also because of my dearest friend who thought he needs to change and get fresh before we go, he won't come in same college dress, so we had to make a stop at his home ! Ahhh and they say girls are more look-conscious !!! Grrrrr...

When we reach we see some unfamiliar faces with us in a movie, apparently friends of some friend, and we just ignore until we get free popcorns and cola from those unknown faces!
Yeah but who cares, free popcorn n cola doesn't make anyone nice, right?

As movie is ending we again run, yes to the exit as we don't want to queue up as all start leaving....
And alaas we stand outside for other friends waiting for them to come out...
1 min, 2 min, 5 min... We don't see them
Apparently what we had assumed the end and had run out wasn't "the end".

And then I hear a "Bye"

I look up and turn to that direction and see one of that unknown faces leaving...talking with other unknown face that they will see each other next day, May be feeling too bored to stand with us, some random unknown faces, waiting for our friends, some more random unknown faces, who were not coming out !!

And then we hear one more generic "Bye" toward us while he turns his back to go. And that is when I notice that face ... big eyes, a smile i can say sweet, very polite voice and just and a glare which didn't rest on us for more than a fraction of second while turning his back and before i know it slow voice sleeps from my mouth "Bye" which apparently goes only to his back which was already stepping away from us, and I stare at his back while he goes walking to parking, never looking back for once.

And so that was my first conversation with him... BYE... never knowing that "BYE" can be not an end but the starting of a life-long bond!!

Yeah, you guessed it right... that is how I met Ashu!!

I never knew that time how this ordinary day was going to lead me towards most memorable days of my life!

And today we complete 6 years of that first "BYE".
Happy 6th Anniversary to us of being togethr :o)

P.S. Did i say that movie was "Lord of the Rings"!

P.S.S. Now this will explain atleast a first line over HERE i had written in my Birthday Message for him :o)

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Maya said...

nice to know abt how it all started

Pinay in Dutchland said...

Oh what a story. Congratulations on your 6th Lopa and I hope you will pass the 7=year itch.

thamarai said...

Niicee! I am curious to see how the BYE changed into a life long relationship..:)..btw did you get that mobile phone back? and do you remember what wonderful movie it was that you went to and dint realize that the movie actually had not ended?? :D

~ Lopa said...

@ Uncommon Sense

Thanks, it was nice to re-living those moments while writing it :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Pinay in Dutchland

Thanks :) I hope it will pass all the year itches :)

~ Lopa said...

@ thamarai

Hehehehe thanks :o)
No i didn't get my mobile back :o( Bought a new one after that, with dad's spondership :o/
Yeah that movie was " Lord of the Rings" :o)

thamarai said...

hahaha!! Lord of the rings had a similar effect on me as well..:D

Efrutik said...


I have a soft spot for hearing how people met and fall in love. It's always so unexpected!!! Congratulations on your anniversary guys, wish you many more to come :)

Now on "first self-earned money" purchases. I also lost my amazing, flat Sony camera on which I got so many compliments. I think it happened about 4 years ago, but I never got over it :( Hhahah but those are just things and they just well, move on away from us :)

bhumika said...

Ur story is really very interesting!
but why u had written just 1st episode.. m witing for more!

hope u will post something more @ u both soon!

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

;-) Congratulations to you both! And, as Thamarai, I would like to know the rest of the story ;-)

~ Lopa said...

@ thamarai

Ya see, so we were not the only one's hehehe....
We are so used to Bollywood happy endings, it happens ;o)
then we watched the real end some time later when watched it at home on tv :oD

~ Lopa said...


Me too, ditto.
I love hearing people stories, amazing how everyone have their own special story :o)
So what is yours?? hehe

I think those "first self-earned money" are not supposed to / destined to stay longer with us, so that we are motivated to earn more and buy more...hehehe

~ Lopa said...

@ Bhumika 
Thanks Bhums,
Only 1st episode because it was anniversary of that episode ;o)
More will write soon :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Pres├ępio no Canal 

Thanks Sandra
Rest of the story... hmmm let's see when i can sit down with pen again :o)
But for sure, will try to make that short and precise, this one i kept writing and then had no heart to edit :o(

Orangesplaash said...

Wow..what an absolutely delightful post. I loved reading it and am already looking forward to the next part..Such a beautiful story of you guys meeting up. Congrats on this special day!!

sagarika said...

lopa you have a lovely love story.. :) Belated wishes for your special day...When he said Bye to you I can imagine you saying a Bollywood movie dialogue “Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost” ..totally in SRK style .haha...that would be perfect for the situation. Your post reminded me of a Bollywood movie title. “kabhi alvida na kehna”. Real life love stories are interesting than reel life :)

Hetal said...

Wishing you infinite years of togetherness Lops...Enjoy life :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Orangesplaash 

Thanks Arwa,
hahaha so many comments about next part, seems like i will have take out time and sit to start writing :o)
Thanks for your wishes.
So what is your story? How did you guys meet? :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ sagarika 

Thanks Sagarika :o)
Btw love stories are meant to be lovely, agar lovely na hui to love story kaise hui...hehehe
Ya i agree about real and reel life stories, mostly because real is real and reel is most of the time adoption of what can be ;o)
So do you have any story to share ? ;o) Come on there must be something :o)

~ Lopa said...

@ Hetal

Thanks Hetal,
By the way do you remember this? You are also there in this story, go figure :o)

Hetal said...

Ofcourse I remember it dear, I remember that flower also which that Hutch lady gave you once you finished blocking of your SIM card after you lost your Cell :)

~ Lopa said...

That flower was so beautiful, wasn't it?
May be she was too moved seeing my almost crying face :o)
And that beautiful flower indeed cheered me up.

Sometimes something so small we do for others which almost means nothing to us but that can have quite an impact on that other one.

dipali said...

lops very sweet can a new life starts after a "bye"...i can understand it now.....very eager to know how you guys meet...please write down in ur blog dear.....congrats for your togetherness......

nameera said...

Gosh!!!I am late!!
Congrats!congrats on the 6th Anniversary :)
would you have written more on Ashu..i'd have loved it :P
Phone!phone!!silly girl!!!
can der b a part-2 of this one? ;P

P.s:I read this blog hearing bheegi bheegi raaton me,,song1switched to this one actually! :P

~ Lopa said...

@ dipali

Thanks Dipali.
I think you can write down your story as well, it would be interesting as far as i know....hehehe :)

~ Lopa said...

@ nameera

No re, you are not late, you are busy with studies, not navra like us :)

And don't worry, you will have a chance to wish happy anniversary again next week, so be on time then...hehehe

Ohhh I love that song... btw which was the song1 ??? hehe

nameera said...

song! exclamation tha!!!!!!! hehehe1shift ni press hua properly!
ok..when's the Anniversary!
mm..not studying utna bhi..!

~ Lopa said...


haha, ya it happens with me all the time ;)

Anniv. is 2nd March :)

Swatantra said...

Happy Anniversary!1 Very sweet post!

lovely post!!

~ Lopa said...

Thanks Swatantra :)

AmitL said...

Quite a movie-like experience,Lopa-I missed this post earlier..:)Happy 6th Anniversary(belated)of the 'Bye'.:)

~ Lopa said...

@ AmitL

Thanks Amit :)

S.A.L. said...

Di, it was so great to read how you two met! And the storyline was awesome! Reminded me of one of my posts. Giving the links, if you'd like to read...

~ Lopa said...

@ Lopa

We checked your link and loved that story, yes "we"... not only i read it, even Ashu read it and in contrast to me he is not that big a fan of reading and he loved it too :)

S.A.L. said...

OMG! You're such a darling! Thank you so much and thanks to Ashu bhaiya too for liking it! I'm feeling so ecstatic! :D

Anonymous said...

nice lopa di...

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