Monday, February 4, 2013

A quick hello from a DizzyLand.

After my last post, i wanted to record how the actual flight went. But things haven't been that good lately, me being sick when we flew back and then Lil Bun being sick.

It feels like whole world has been up side down. Our lil Bun, who had been sleeping in his own room and bed from the birth, is not doing that more than half a night. First it was teething, waking him up crying at middle of night, and then it is fever and vomiting.
So with that after a few visits to his room, when our sleepy heads can take it no further, we just bring him with us to make it easy for us to keep a watch on him. 

I know that might not be the way it should be, but frankly i do not care. We co-slept with our parents till the time came when we fancied our own room with the interior the way we want, and we did turn out alright. 
Also i keep feeling i am going to miss these days soon when i can just snuggle him and shower him with kisses at my hearts content. Soon he will be running away saying mom, stop it. And soon he will want to go for night-over at his friends. So let me have him, let me enjoy him right now.

Ohh but that was not i was writing about, ya flight. Well while going, it made me cry, and while coming back i was sick and still we smiled!
So a vast vast vast difference. I had him in my hand for almost 10 hours, My hurting back couldn't take it any more,poor thing was tired than he had ever been before. So we both cried. At airport. I have never seen him crying that much ever before. I am happy it is over.

May be it was inconvenient flying hours and inexperienced we. Our first experience with him on a long flight and yet to learn how to handle him on trips. But we knew better while on the way back after being with him 24*7 for full 5 weeks. Also the flight was in the morning and hence better. He could sleep and was in a better mood. So that gives us enough courage to start getting back to our traveling spree and plan more vacations, only if out pocket allows! 

So let's see, what's in store for us. Something sweet, something breezy, something relaxing, something bright and sunny. Let's see.


Cuckoo said...

Co sleeping is a wonderful idea for a few years. Gives the kid a lot of security and you lovely memories and a hot-water bottle that kisses you too! Think about it. my 4 year old son moved out of our bed this year after my daughter arrived. 4 more years and it'll be me and my husband again.


~ Lopa said...


I know, and i can totally understand where you are coming from but this is where the cultural differences kick in.
Here in Europe, the norms are different and people perception is different.
So at times when not strong, there stand we in a limbo !

dipali said...

Hey Lops....was just reading your few posts you wrote recently......and i really agree kids grow up so fast....make the right saying they will run away and say stop it mumma......Johaaan is just 4 and he dont want me to give him a bath..i am big boy mumma , i want dadda to give ma a bath....i dont know where they learn all these things....keep on wondering.....

~ Lopa said...


haha, you won't believe just 2 days back when i was giving him bath and at times he was staring at me, i was wondering the same that one day he will be like mom i want to bath myself and close the door or go

They are angels sent by god to remind us to smile on small things and remain happy without seeking for a reason :-)

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