Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it boring?? ... nooo...yeaaah...nooop....

There are some days when it feels, only thing which is of constant existence is "kantado" - getting bored.

Lately i have been using this word so often that with me, people around me also have started agreeing with me that yes indeed it is part of my constant existence now.... !!!

Ohh you want some proofs?? Then let me tell you....

- I don't remember when was the last time that not even once during a days i spoke this word.
- When i am at office i feel bored that why am i not over-loaded with work that i don't even have to think what to do next ... it just keep appearing in front one by one, and you do not have to use your mind at all to prioritise or think what when...!

But unfortunately i have to think ( yeah, sometimes using brain is boring too ... you know what i mean?? ) and i feel why can't i go home and sleep... or why don't i stay home and then read, paint, learn something new... it will be so nice.
More i think about it, more bored i am, more wanting to be home desperately. And More desperately i wish to be home... more bored i feel that very same moment.
And again as more bored i am, more desperately i want to be home....
he he he so you see, its a vicious circle....!

So now you must would be wondering that what about after those 8-9-or-10 hours at work, in remaining 16-15 or 14 hours, when I am actually at home. Okay I will tell you but only if you promise not to call me crazy.... ! Promise?? Give me a promise and then only read further.

Okey so when I am at home, I am all excited ... mind full of thoughts on what to do ( obvious considering how desperately i had been thinking about being at home ) .... let me paint... no no no that later....let me read... no no no after fixing some of the house cords, no let me work on fixing some furniture so atleast one more room is ready in house, nooo not now.... neighbours will be disturbed at this hour... okay let me watch some episodes of FRIENDS.... only one... okay....ok one more...ok one more.... ok enough... now do something else... ohh it is already dark now what to do? Painting once it is dark outside isn't fun considering how they use only Halogen lights here in Europe and not those tube lights in India... so colours painted in night lights appear different in day lights and trust me it is not fun watching seeing them change from canvas containing your dreams to a fading dream pic in day light ;)

( ohh ya i remembered one dialogue between me n ashu on lightings here ....
Me - Now when we will be in India after living in this type of lighting we will be too distracted by those intense lightings there...
Ashu - hmmm, ya true.
Me- What all will we do when this time we go India?
Ashu- movies, restaurants, shopping, we will go again at that place for candle light dinner....
Me- ohh really ?? but we do have candle light dinner here everyday .... considering the lightings over here...
We both same time - hee hee hee so true

Ok so where were we? yeah so then i end up doing nothing of what i have been thinking at home ... and i prefer to eat, to watch something on TV, Internet and then sleep. Two days at home and blaaah...omg I am bored... i am bored at home... it is better to be at office atleast there is some thing to do there and a bit change in routine. And i come office and then cycle repeats... another vicious circle... you see it? Now you only tell me isn't it boring... see you have started feeling bored reading about it.... hee hee hee
Hey, it happens , nothing to laugh :-/

***** Wait... *****
Did i just hear crazy?? u promised me man...not fair !!

Atleast after reading this post full of details you should be knowing how bored i will be from deep inside me... Aap log convince ho gaye ya main aur bolu..... ???

It is may be because we don't have any family here? Because we don't have many friends of our age here... may be...

Hey, what did you say??? Why don't i do some activities which keep me busy... ohh so what do u think...why was i writing this blog?
You don't consider this an activity...huh??
Apart from that i have yearly gym subscription ( it is other thing that it is turning out as a charity to "fitness first" as we hardly go there anymore and they turned down our request of cancelling contract saying give us proof you actually no more live here and if you can't then shut off excuses for not paying us monthly.... and yes you can drop by here sometime to exercise if you wish ...!! )
Tuesdays we go for Tennis !!
Wednesdays we go for Dutch lessons !!
From coming Friday we will be going for swimming... !!
And you are talking about activities?

It is too fun, or may be fun as long as we are there, once we are home .... what to do then?? yeah watch TV and sleep ;) he he he... see how fun life is, then why do i cry over it being boring.... ohh hell no... it is not .. !

Ok so i shall end this post now as i am no more bored and all convinced that life is all exciting ... ( ofcourse thanks to you )
hmmm so what to do now??? ya i know... same what i do everyday...
In a way my only source here not to feel bored ;) ... yes... Ping Ashu ... hehehahaha

Me - hi Ashu
Ashu - yes dear
Me- kantado ... :(


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