Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can it be ...

Do you know what is on my mind since yesterday?? Some serious thinking about - Can plants think? Can they feel?

You must be thinking what made me wonder about things like this...right??
Actually what happened is, We celebrated the World Environment Day in office on 5th June. On that occasion after a small presentation we got plants (hortencia’s) to take home.... And as there were extra plants, they said we can even take two as otherwise it will be lying there...such a pity... so I got one with pink flowers and one with purple.... ( cool...huh ) ohh wait but that is not what we were talking about ...

So where were we ...ok ya plants... so we celebrated this day, and as it was last day of week so many of those who had come office early had already left by that time of evening. ( That is the reason why there were extra plants available ) So we took plants for them too and put them on everyone's desk, one for each. (Nice indeed, isn't it?)

So now when we were back to office on Monday... all plants were doing well, fresh and blooming with flowers EXCEPT one.
This one plant didn't survive through weekend... leaving us wondering when all plants were there and all were doing great, why particularly this one died..?!?!.
While we were busy guessing on what went wrong with this particular plant and a flying comment from a colleague touched my wondering mind....

Ohh how poor ... it died... ohh i know why, may be 'cos it felt neglected...
ohh okaaaay .... how?
Ohh when we put that plant on this XYZ colleague's desk, XYZ said that he doesn't want it and is not taking it home, so plant felt neglected that it is unaccepted and it is going to be here at office all the time till it die and so it felt sad and eventually died...

Since then, whenever I look at that desk where that plant stood on that day... I wonder, did that plant really feel that way?


Onward said...

hehe..u r one silly female..hehe..i didnt know u updated this quickly else i wouldve been on time. :)

Well i dont think plants think at all..though i ve heard of people talking to their plants to speed up their growth. Wow that makes this thought of urs interesting beyond wierd :)..hehe

jokes apart...u really think they can think?

Nithya said...

Well plants can think? really doubtful but yes they can listen and feel. Reading this blog of yours took me years back into my childhood where we had this exercise in school. One plant each-taking care n all.. students laughed as i kissed my lovely plants and talked to them but they truly loved tht...they were doing really well... There are ppl who have pleasant music playing in their farms to speed up the growth of the plants..

~ Lopa said...

# Aw.S.M
I update whenever i can and whatever silly-est thing comes to my mind ;) lol

Anything like this can be expected in India so it wouldn't have surprised me but seeing even in developed countries people have similar thinking...that amused me !!

Personally, i don't think plants can think... but can they feel... yeah i wonder .. may be !!

~ Lopa said...


Sweets i can easily imagine you doing something like that not only back in school time but even today...as u have always been so loving n caring for everything and everyone :)

I also have heard abt people playing music to their plants, but m not sure about whole idea though !!

Btw this reminds me of a scene from movie Taare Zamin Par, the one in which Amir khan is talking with Ishan's dad, he mentions this remember?
Some tribes.... when they want wood,they don't cut down a tree, they just form a circle around it and shout abuse at it and, in a day, THE TREE DIES ON ITS OWN!!!

Ohh now i am wondering again... can they feel.... can it be??

vivek said...

i think they can feel, remember the jagdishchandra experiment from schooldays?? (yeah, i m showing off my educational knowledge, any problem?? afterall dipu told me, just few days back, i m gud at studies only so let me show off that atleast!! ;) lol ) a bad news, remember we bought a x-mas tree? it died!! i felt very bad coz i wanted it 2 grow so i can decorate on x-mas, bt what to do!! :(

~ Lopa said...

Yes i remember !! :)
Ohh it died?? that's bad :(
Better luck next time for x-mas or you can grow another one as it's still far ;)

Unknown said...

My Brain says NO, plants can't think....
But really I know they can feel, or at least i think that way... I actually don't have relationship with plans and gardening ( I am a lazy one) but i did try planting veggies last year ( didn't go very well ), the plants which survive were the one I liked the most.
So Lops, our thinking can't be all wrong!

~ Lopa said...

@ Megha

Hey thanks for the comment :)
Yes it is even scientifically proved that plants can feel atleast touch if not other things... so may be they can feel at a level we are not aware of !!

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