Friday, June 5, 2009

Disorder-ial me...

I think, I have some kind of disorder... may be sleeping disorder... or some kind of mental disorder... no not that way.... come on..... But sometimes I get these weird attacks!!
Like... Whenever I am very busy with all other things but deep inside I know I need to do some other thing.... it won't let me rest.... it is like even if I sleep, in my subconscious mind it will keep going on, I have to do this, I have to.
It is good in a way for not missing my goals, right?
But what do you say when it happens annoyingly spoiling your most precious sleep!!

Ok still not getting me??
Take this instant when I was thinking those days that how much I love painting and why don't I paint any more, why am I not getting time to paint? I kept ignoring this notice from myself to me and it kept banging in my head. Then one day it reached its limits. That day I went to sleep early, and then it started banging in my head. So finally I woke up. Took colours and brushes in my hand and started painting....
YES, I started painting waking up from sleep at mid night. I just could not sleep until I finished that painting!!
So I finished a painting and then slept!! (But I was smart I chose a small canvas, so that I can finish it fast n go back to sleep... hee hee)

Now getting what I was taking about??? Take this other instant.
We were getting lazy that day, We were watching TV in bedroom and so then decided to have dinner also there watching TV. We completed dinner and kept watching TV and I was so tired that I felt asleep. But when I was sleeping it kept banging in my mind that I have to put those utensils in Dish washer... and it kept banging n banging.
So finally I woke up at 2:00 am in the night, went downstairs. Put them in and then came back and slept. Now this is annoying, isn't it?
Ashu was even laughing on me in the morning seeing why had I woke up in the night and what I did that time!!

I think I am watching old episodes of FRIENDS a little too much and getting a bit Monica-ish.... Sheeeesh


Onward said...

whoa!! u def r crazy!!...u just learn from me...i just switch off the inner voice when i dont wanna listen to it.

"when i m sick...i just stop being sick and become awesome instead. True Story" -Barney Stinson - HIMYM. :)

~ Lopa said...

Ha ha ha thanks for confirming this ;)

btw just to clear it I also can switch off my myself... i actually don't switch off but when i don't want to think abt something I imagine of removing a layer full of those things i don't want to think about from my planet brain and then there appears a clean surface and i sleep peacefully with that. That is the secret technic which helps me with my image to frnds of always bindash n never taking tension... ( no more a secret now ) and other fact i can sleep anywhere ...hee hee

So your comment has put a question to me, when i can do it, why don't i do it? It seems... twist is, Until now i only did it in cases of major serious crises when i am aware that i need to change my mode... In this little incidents i, myself didn't take them serious enough to change my inner voice radio station which my brain was tuning too ;)

Onward said...

then try switching it off for the tiny incidents too :)

~ Lopa said...

hmm yup, i can try... but what if i enjoy the crazyness ;) lol

Unknown said...

obsessive compulsive disorder!!! ;) he he he........ but i didnt know this happens 2 u coz i have always seen u as the lops who used 2 sleep with her tv turned on on a cartoon channel, yeah i m talking about my 1st year at college, what happened?? oh,i remember,it s written in my text books, sleep keeps getting worse as u age- a normal process!!! :) he he he...

~ Lopa said...

Yes still i can do that... Only problem is here I dont get to watch Disney Channel as there.... We get the channel but some problem and we can just see the video and cannot hear it.... so... :(
And btw age point, well taken.... lets see how it goes with you ;)

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