Friday, June 26, 2009

ME, Yeaahh Me & Me ...

Don't waste your time thinking over relation between this post and title of this post... couldn't come up with something better... !


I ask my friends to read my blogs sometimes (Ohhh ok, don't give me that look... many times alright?) and even to comment on how they feel.
They being so nice & wonderful friends, They all do comment but not on blog...On messenger!! Yes, They will ping me on-line and inform me that they read, liked or this is what they think about it !!!

Why so why?? What do you think, what can be the reason for it?
Hmmm may be I remain too much on-line?
Yeah I thought so too and tried remain off-line (Okay, not off-line but invisible so all think I am not on-line).

But NO difference.

May be as there wasn't anyone to remind them to read!!

Next time when I logged in, with visible messenger status this time.
I came to know that contradictory to my belief, they checked on their own as they commented... ( Aaaah God how happy I am)
But... but.... but...
Yeah, you got it.... again not on blog but directly to me on messenger!!!

Lots of friends are asking me update on last post. ( Yes, so they indeed read this ... and yeah, guessed it right... as usual on messenger, ohh boy i shall really give messenger a break )

Ok so I had that meeting for painting at Cultural centre yesterday.
He was happy with my work. He explained me all different types and level of courses available. According to which level one course is of 2 years (Phase 1 & Phase 2) and then advanced course that is level 2 (advanced).

He said I can join wherever I want. (Yeeeyyyy)

But looking at the experience I have with oils ( ya by that i mean no experience ), I thought how stupid I will look if one has to explain me how to mix or apply them to start with. (And he also agreed, it is indeed stupid)
So I ended up deciding on this course in which is not with any one teacher but there are several teachers from diverse specializations and they show you techniques of different types.
It is a second year of level one class, after this; I can take any advanced course with any specialization.

Let’s see, I hope I get to learn something which I don't already know.



Hi Lopa

I must confess that I have had the same experience as that of yours. People discuss or comment the stuff they read on blog, on messengers. Guess its the habit we carry from our classrooms, wherein we are always a bit skeptical of participation in class and rather discuss it with the batchmate seating in the neighbourhood.

Unknown said...

Same here! My close friends & family comment to me or give me ideas about what to write about, but away from my blog. I guess it's mostly because I treasure my privacy that they will do this, which is very nice of them, but on the same note I am glad they do read it ;-) The internet offers such a wonderful opportunity to remain or get in touch with others on the other side of the world! Amazing, and to think this wasn't in exsistence 20 years ago.

Good luck with the painting! And do update about it! You've captured my curiousity :-)

~ Lopa said...

@ razzu'z blog,

Ya, i think may be they feel more comfirtable directly talking with us than posting a comment.
What i observe is very close friends ( who knows us very well ) and those whom you don't know much,these 2 groups will post what they think but others normally hesitate, thinking what might we think !!

~ Lopa said...

@ A Touch of Dutch,

Yes, I totally agree, whether one comments or not that's not imp, but good things is atleast they read. And i love to see that they read... hehehe

Ohh yeah, Painting... It is going to start from end of Sept :) I am so excited about it !! :)
Thanks !

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