Thursday, June 11, 2009

Safety Flash...

We got this e-mail today in office addressed to all employees ....

Dear all,
For the second time in the last six months a PC monitor started to smell and develop smoke. We would kindly request and remind everyone to please switch-off your PC Monitor before you go home.

Take this action not only in the office, as well as at your home and educate your kids to do the same.
The IT department has requested monitor manufacture to conduct an investigation to the malfunction monitor.

Please see instruction that better describe where we can find the PC Monitor switch.
You need only to develop this habit, it is really only a very small thing to do, however might make a huge difference in fire assurance. Thank you for your safety and environmental action.

Okay so tell me who didn't know before reading the instructions that where PC monitor switch is???


Onward said...

:)...i ve known ever since i was 7 :)..i m better than ur dutch counterparts nai :P

~ Lopa said...

ha re ha, u r much more than better ;)

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