Saturday, May 16, 2009

In spite of all my book love ...

G is my colleague, who sits opposite to my desk, our desktop screen back to back and we face to face!!

G – Can you please help me with this box…?
Me- yeah sure

Me – hey what’s that? Some more books huh..?
G- Yeah, I ordered some and got it today, can you please put that in drawer?

I open the drawer and find it full of other books.

Me – phew… so many books, aren’t you taking them home?
G – Hmmm, ya I will eventually…but if I take everything altogether, my dad is going to kill me so one by one I will sneak them home.

Me – hee hee hee
G – Don’t laugh…!!

Me – o okie… (Going through the book collection) which one is this? You have ordered whole series.
G – Which one are you talking about? Ohh you are talking about P.G.Wodehouse?

Me - Umm which?...hmmm ya that
G- Ohhh, haven’t you read P.G.Wodehouse?

Me – (sheepishly) Nop, as far as I remember
G – (In a surprised voice) WHAT??? That is impossible……..

**** pause*****

After some time....

G - Really you haven’t read P.G.Wodehouse?
Me - Arrrr…no… (Frantically trying to save my image of book lover) or may be I read them but don’t remember name now.

G - Ya it is not possible…if you say you haven’t read I will be shocked
Me- Arrr okieee (wondering what it might be about)

And may be G reads my mind same time

G - Have u read about Jeeves…. Bertie ???
Me - Arrr….i don’t think so…

G – (In a high pitch shocked expression which throws me 2 ft away) OMG, I m shocked...
Me – Arrrr… Is it that good? I mean one gotta read it?
G- Yeah, I cannot believe someone wouldn’t have read it.

Then taking mercy on my poor knowledge...

G - Okay you open that packet and take home one of that to read….
Me – Ok, thanks G. (I am so happy, now i have one more book with humour and i will know what is so big deal about it) which one shall i take G? Which is the first part?

G gives me a look… may be thinking…you dumb girl…

G –Doesn’t matter …there are no parts… take any of them
Me – arrrr …okkk

As I carefully select one reading titles and take one….

G - Ok leave it … I will bring a paper cover edition for you tomorrow

(What??? why??? Is it because she doesn’t trust me with books??)

Me – arrr….But you will forget it tomorrow. (Disappointingly, I don’t want to let go an opportunity to have any book)
G - No, I won’t.
Me - Because you are shocked?
G - Yes, my dad will be shocked as well...

Grrrrr….aahhh… hmmm

Other day, as G enters office… I am all prepared pulling her for forgetting the book. Why I am so sure? Obviously ….. We hadn’t mentioned it whole day and I hadn’t even reminded her in evening while leaving to bring it other day….!!

Me – Good Morning G
G- (In stead of good morning in reply) I did not forget!!!
Me – (arrrr….trying to hide my disappointment on missing the chance) Hee hee hee , you were that shocked??
G - Yeah… reaching home first thing I did was to put that in bag…

Me - heee heee heee
G – Here it is… but I want it back…I am making a collection

Me - Ya….sure…. (Then looking at the book as it appears as very new without single folded page, as I have many in ones I read) Ohh haven’t u read it…it looks so neat n new
G - I have…. but I DO TAKE PROPER CARE !!!

Okay… So I was right yesterday on why she changed her mind while giving one from that hard cover collection ;)

P.S. Now after coming home when I opened the book… it did look like that I have at least seen it before if not read it ;) ... noooo ... i am serious.... trust me.... really i have...!!


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