Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks boss...

Ohh I feel so so happy.... just those little things you know.
Today is birthday of SBN, my boss in my previous job in India. Unsure whether to call or sms to wish him, I decided to sms him and he called me back in response to that!!

In a scenario where seems like phone hardly rings in comparison to when were in India, it was really very very very nice surprise!!
I know he won't be reading this, but still I feel like saying this...Thanks boss, you made my day!!


Onward said...

OH nice boss eh...if only my boss were this nice...sighh!!

And u dont get many fone calls either eh...yayy..i have company..hehe


~ Lopa said...

# Aw.S.M

hehehe, yup...that's why i felt so nice and surprised !!

abt fone... m happy to know that thr r others too ;) lol
Perfect example of how life changes...just 15 months back... sms n calls were things which kept me most busy and now is the time, i stare and stare at my phone but it won't budge :(

Anonymous said...

One of the main reason for attrition is Boss's attitude , you had certainly exceptional boss ( for some verb changes its tense from past to present or future)

~ Lopa said...

Yeah i know.... Missing those old good days !

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