Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Think about a day...

Think about a day.... you can be as lazy as you want. Sit all the time in the same easy chair... have your favourite cocktail/ mocktail.... watch your favourite TV programmes or movies and have a platter full of fresh warm snacks whenever you feel hungry!! How amazing...isn't it? Who wouldn't love it? Right?

Think about a day.... a nice sunny outside ...not too hot... not too cold.... nice refreshing breeze all around.... you just roaming around casually.... eating on beach-side or that restaurant on top of that hill. How nice it is....isn't it? You would love it, wouldn't you?

Now think about a day.... you have reservations for Badminton court or Tennis court. It is a nice sunny day, a little cool breeze. You play and play, become all sweaty, tired and still you feel fresh from inside and full of energy.... How about that??

Imagine a day... hectic with so much of work and deadlines. After long stressed working hours, you have finally delivered the deliverables. Now as you finish the presentation on same, there stands everyone clapping for you with broad smiles. Your boss comes forward, pats your back and says well done. How does it feel?? Worth everything?

Now take this one... It is raining outside, you cannot go anywhere outside and so you are sitting lazily on your couch, sipping masala tea with piping hot pakodas.... reading your favourite book. How does that feel?? Amazing...isn't it?

So different are these days, and still all stands alone, best in their own ways.... that's what is Life ... Life full of contrasts.



Onward said...'s full of contrasts..but at the end of it the picture painted might not always be as beautiful as the scenarios u ve suggested. :).

Loads of thorns too to go with the rose. :).

Nice blog.


Onward said...

Oh and i prefer scenario 3...the tennis one. The rush it gives u is unbelievable. :)

~ Lopa said...

# Aw.S.M

Yes Amith, totally agree with you... Loads of throns too to go with the rose, Just was trying to think only about rose ;)

Tennis scenaio, ya i know what you mean, prev eve tennis hang over was still over me when i was writing it :)

Thanks for dropping by at my blog :)

Ketan Shah said...

yep very true.... there are many such moments in life we live but when we thnk abt them 2gether theh it is wht cld as life mix of khatte mitthe pal ;-)

~ Lopa said...

# Ketan

Agreed :)

Thanks for finally stopping by and dropping a comment ;)

Dhara said...

Nice blog, Lopa. Keep it up :D

~ Lopa said...

Thanks Dhara :)

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