Monday, July 6, 2009

It's movie time...

As i have again and again mentioned in my blog about how hard we are trying now a days to straighten our movie watching record and bring it back on the track, so result???? we watched 5 movies in 15 days !!

So before i have to work hard to catch up with my blogging record too; thought let me just write about about movies we watched to keep it straight!

1. Angels & Demons

I loved this movie.

When i watched Da Vinci Code after reading the book, I was rather disappointed, But watching this movie was a delight.

Very good direction and unlike Da Vinci Code ( According to me which was a fast paced movie, half of the time while watching movie had gone explaining what's going on to people sitting next to me who had apparently hadn't read the book !!) this was a treat for even those who missed reading the book.

( I don't know how can anyone not read the book and watch the movie....believe me there is no better movie than the book.... ya apart from Lord of the rings; which even i preferred simplified movie version )

Okay so coming back to the point, a nice movie, very nice acting, excellent screen play, excellent direction.

2. NewYork

Nice movie.

But i felt a little depressed after watching it as couldn't throw out some scenes which kept replaying in mind.

Katrina undoubtedly steals title of one of most good looking actress in Bollywood ... and John is as usual eye stealer for most of the girls...!

I loved the music.....specially the song " hai junoon" (yeah yeah i know it's not original and copied from an indonesian song “NALURI LELAKI”; but still i love listening to it.... may be 'coz i don't understand language of the original one??? )

3. Termination Salvation

If you are a Terminator fan; have seen earlier films then sure go and watch this one. You will enjoy all the linkings and revealing of connections.
( Ohh hell ya i know my go and watch won't help now as all real fans must have already watched it by now !)

But if you haven't seen ( or read about) any of earlier Terminator Movies; it is but obvious that many things can go bouncing for you.

4. Kambakkht Ishq

A "NO NO" or a "don't watch" whatever you want to name it kinda movie. (At least i felt so ... yeah but we watched it though !!)

I don't know who in their right mind will create a movie like this. Storyline yukks, songs are random, anytime in any situation it will appear out of nowhere without making any sense !
(Yeah that's the speciallity of Bollywood, I KNOW )

Luckily in the case of Kambakkht Ishq, it isn’t as long as any other normal Bollywood movie, so that’s better but it is louder, and by louder i mean at some point of time everyone is shouting making you feel that may be they thought audience being hearing-impaired !!

You can't even pretend enjoying the music if not the movie !!
Kareena looks great, but is that enough for a movie to work??

5. Transformer - Revenge of the fallen

A treat for Transformer lovers.

Bigger, Longer, Louder than its predecessor.

At times felt that its stretched a little bit and could have worked for less than its 147 minutes ... But hey it's Transformer !!

So now two days more and it will be weekend again, time to catch up with some more movies .. ! hehehe


thamarai said...

woohoo..found another Indian...:)..Hey nice blog!! :)

~ Lopa said...


woohoo here too ;)
I must say... finding another indian in this dutchland does call for a woohoo :)

thamarai said...



I agree with u in that there is no better movie than a book. I remember Godfather was the movie, in my opinion, which came as close to the book as possible.

~ Lopa said...

@ thamarai

Exactly... there will be many more who will agree with us on this part !

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