Monday, July 13, 2009

Some more movies...

Last week we caught up with 3 more some more reviews....

1. Ice Age 3

When we were going for this movie we were a little bit sceptical as we had no kids accompanying us; but when we entered the theatre we saw the theatre full ( for the first time here) and not with many kids. hahaha
The movie was great as a true entertainment where we don't have to use our brains. The animation is top notch, the worlds (above and below the ice) are beautifully rendered and watching this stuff in 3D really adds a dimension to the experience that needs to be seen to be believed.

I loved the character Buck, one-eyed weasel who hunts dinosaurs intently, Buck kept reminding me of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean while watching the movie... I don't know if anyone else felt that resemblance !

Many criticism stands with the idea of Dinosaurs and mammoths together as we all know that dinosaurs have been dead for about 30 million years before sloths and mammoths turned up... but then it's a animated fun movie and that's why i say fun entertainment if you don't use your brains !!

2. The Hangover

"The Hangover" is a funny movie, flat out, all the way through. It is a great movie to watch with a crowd, even after it is in theatre since so many weeks show was still houseful when we went to watch it. We were not too early as the tradition is here so we had to watch it sitting in 3rd raw from front end... but as we had no other great plans on our to be done list, we did it and we are happy that we did as it was so much fun !!!

It is a movie based almost entirely on comic surprise. One of its greatest strengths is the way in which the story is told; It starts on a low pitch, the audience is kept in suspense as the mystery unravels essentially in real-time. The chemistry between the cast is top notch, it isn’t about brilliant jokes and punchlines so much as it is about that feeling of camaraderie and trash talking among close friends who are stuck in a tense predicament.

One of the best scene is when our hapless overgrown boys wake up in their expensive Vegas hotel suite, the detailed destruction that inexplicably took place the night before is stupefying. An enormous pyramid of empty beer bottles overseen by a confused rooster is a mere intro to a labyrinth of unexplained circumstances. An abandoned infant and a bathroom-ensconced tiger deliver an immediacy to the plight of three guys; And when they discuss about why can’t they remember anything that happened the night before? And as Phil puts it, "Because we obviously had a great fucking time." So great that the groom has gone missing. hahaha Funny thing is; at some point we actually find ourselves caring a little about what happened to the missing bridegroom !

Noone even missed the last photo end credits, it added more laughter in the end displaying their forgotten night moments leaving everyone rolling in the aisles... It is the biggest comedy of the summer!!

3. Brüno

After BORAT in 2006, another Sacha Baron Cohen creation arrives on the big screen.

First off, if you did not like Borat, you will not like Brüno. If you are a fan of raunchy comedies, you will love Brüno.

Brüno, the gay Austrian model of the title, after getting fired from his hit show in his homeland, decides he wants to be famous and takes his show to America. Brüno tries all stunts from adopting a baby hollywood style, to trying to settle the middle east fury, all in the name of making himself known. His path takes him to a few different places including; a preacher who can make him "ungay" (level 1 and level 2), an outrageous interview with politician Ron Paul, an actual meeting with a terrorist, a swingers party, and the MMA arena. When he finally reaches his dead end, he decides it is infact his own utter gayness that's holding his career back from taking off.

The more uncomfortable Brüno makes people, the more he draws attention to their petty churlishness and homophobia. There are quite a few shots of extreme nudity, which are hilarious, as well as some disturbing interviews with some parents who are auditioning their kids for a part in Brüno’s commercial (Are you OKAY with liposuction for your child? How about crucifixion?)

The improvisation done by Cohen/Brüno is magnificent. Some people are finding Brüno even funnier than Borat, considering that it does up the ante in various ways, but on the other hand, some will likely be turned off by the shock value and the more incendiary jokes.

Controversial, uncomfortable, and hilarious, Brüno enthusiastically attacks prejudices and intolerance, and tosses in jabs at celebrities who'll do anything to be centre of attraction/ for publicity and stardom !


thamarai said...

awesome description! I think Bruno has been a much awaited movie...Your review of Bruno especially was really good..its tempting me to watch the movie!! :)

~ Lopa said...

@ Thamarai
hehehe, thanks...
yes Bruno was indeed much awaited specially by Americans... :)
Some scenes are really too much for we Indians as we are not used to that much nudity but overall its hilarious :oD

Anonymous said...

keep it up... all the best for breaking yr movie watching records

~ Lopa said...

thankoo thankoo :)

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