Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was thinking today... We complain a lot about a lots of things but there are so many things which doesn't matter much and still it brings joys to us... little joys and we feel so happy about it, isn't it?

Like this time on weekend, i was excited when we ( me n ashu, my now companion in life-time adventures) set up our backyard with table chair and umbrella... so we can have a sunny breakfast ( though we don't get time for it apart from weekends and that too only if its not windy or raining, a typical weather of Netherlands), we were so excited when we bought those stuff and we were so excited when we set it up. ( sooo sooo excited that we actually bought 2 different sized umbrellas one for front garden and one for backyard place along a small canal, and running to buy that is a whole different story for some other time )

Ashu has actually never tried hands on gardening ( as his hands are always busy on keyboards?? yup characteristic of IT guy) but that day he actually woke up early morning and before i am there off my bed he was already done with weeds and standing there with garden scissors in his hand. It's such a fun seeing him doing things and then he will call me hey look at this... hey see what i did... or can u show me how we do this? I even showed him how to transfer plants from those plastics to proper pots, how to water plant, what precautions to be taken and blah blah ( ya ya i know that is not a big task but to be true i don't have much experience with gardening apart from watching my dad when he used to do it all, and now trying to remember and follow it, hee hee hee) But as now u see it, here i m an expert, showing off a little knowledge i have, teaching some one on how to do it. heee heee

Yes i know we can consult the books and websites, i tried too.. but it is too much work u know... finding a book on gardening in English in a Dutch land, or on website, then looking for things in market/ shop assuming this will be it converting English in broken Dutch... ohh am i sounding lazy... ya may be ... okay i will do it more seriously... give me some time alright?

So where were we, okay so we set that up and as we were looking it admiring our efforts Ashu says why don't we have tea n snacks sitting here... ohh ya so there goes our inauguration ceremony with garama-garam (hot) tea... whew life rocks ;)


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