Thursday, May 14, 2009

My First Post... to start with

So finally... it has been a real long time that i have been thinking to start blogging myself... i don't know all the blogging rules though... but here i go... after so many flop shows with regards to staring a blog ! so many set-ups n forgotten passwords and then re-thinking on names and list goes on and on !!

And while i am writing this, I even don't know what i am going to write, but with a desperate wish to have write something...something .. my fingers are just working on keyboard ! So what is essential, do i have to have a specific topic? Do i have to have my friends follow it regularly what i write here? What if they don't like it? what if no-one wants to read what i write or what i feel or what i think !! Will anyone like to spend a moment to read it or it will be one more blog about blah blah... and some boring writings which doesn't interest anyone else than me... or may be not even me to read it back what i wrote... heee heee...

Okay to start with... my current state? ohh ya, so this blog i am writing from my office.. as you know this recession is hitting hard and so not many new projects now a days, and those ongoing ones are facing some serious delay, suspension and payments issue... so one of those days when u feel doing something but u don't know what and you feel bored and then in your struggle to fight it you think about why not to do something that since long you have been thinking to take seriously... writing... and then why not to start with blogging... hurray... i got something to start with... heee heee

Right now by writing this i am just talking with myself, but who knows about tomorrow - i might be talking with whole world then. okay so here go my first random post to start with.


Megha said...

i read it.... n found very interesting wht u wrote... m dr to read it....alwayzzzzzzzzzzz..... n i can make out from ur writting dt it cud be grt fun........ Be like dz only.... n always keep smiling....Swthrt :-)

~ Lopa said...

# Megha
Thanks, so nice to hear those encouraging words from you !!

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