Monday, May 25, 2009

Oye, It's...oooops... It WAS weekend …!!!

Reason for this weekend break in writing ..... As was busy in chilling out ;) hee hee hee

Okay seriously, it was fun..... a long weekend starting from Thursday.... driving, visiting new places, a visit to amusement park, sunny days, good food.... oooh wow, what else you need? It was just perfect.

It all started with a visit to Movie Park, Germany on Thursday. (Yeah waking up earlier than what we do to go office was a serious problem but we overcame that hindrance luckily). It was a slightly more than 2 hours ride... and as soon as we entered Germany border you would have seen cars speeding up.... we drove at 150 km/hr and then there were cars overtaking us with zoooooom... yes you can actually hear that zooom sound when they cross you, ohh boy ... I wonder at what speed were they driving, huh!!

Okay back to park, this Movie Park is a theme park with real movie studios in
Bottrop-Kirchhellen. The park was opened in June 1996 as "Warner Bros. Movie World". Since 2004, the park is under the leadership of StarParks, a sub-group of Palamon Capital, leading to the name being changed into "Movie Park Germany" in 2005.

If it is compared with other European parks like Disneyland Paris, or Efteling in Netherlands, it is not as large as those, but it was fun.

From there we visited cities of Dusseldorf and Cologne. Both are beautiful cities... It struck to us that Germany and Netherlands are neighbouring countries sharing the borders (in a border-less Europe of now a days) and still people so different.

Some of the highlights of the weekend trip...

- Shrek 4D at Movie Park was truly amazing; not only kids but all age can enjoy it. Proof...huh??? A scene where donkey spat and audience feel it sprinkled on them and everyone is suddenly wiping their faces hehehehe and a scene consisting lots of cobweb spiders, you feel them on legs with air coming from floor and many pulled their legs up... some even on chair... heee heee... and you ask me were they all kids ?? ;) ... hee hee hee

- Roller-coaster and free fall rides..... ooooops...crazy and loved it. Roller-coaster gave more butterflies in stomach while looking at it though than riding it, but worth a ride. Free fall amazing specially when u haven't done it before and don't know what to expect as was the case with us.

- In this more than year stay in Netherlands we have hardly seen anyone fighting in Parking or street ( Amsterdam is an exemption ) and there at movie park parking we saw 3 fights at single time...grrrrrr

- Look your back while walking in Germany, otherwise on streets people will actually scream from back to have a way if you are coming in between their way.

- One of the longest beer bar on a street, but if you will ask for a cola in a bar it will be replied in NO with a stare!! hee hee. This was funny as cola being Ashu's first love in drinks, so then he had to try local beer in a "beer bar" ;)

- One of largest cathedral we have ever seen, magnificent - it was in Cologne
We paid 5 € more each for city tour bus as opted for ticket in which you can get down the bus at any place and catch any next bus. But seemed everyone else had strategically planned against us by not opting for that ticket, ultimately inspiring us for not utilizing additional power that extra 5€ brought us. Grrrrrrrr

- Some funny, interesting buildings (for e.g. dropped ice-cream cone on top, egg shaped etc etc)

- Good food and a lot cheaper than here in Netherlands... A dinner for 3 at Spanish Tapas Bar we paid 27 €, for same we pay here not less than 70 €.... Grrrrrr

Nice weekend over all with lots of good food. Yummy...
Thursday - Nice Lebanese food on Dusseldorf's food street.
Friday - Spanish Tapas bar in Spanish food street, Dusseldorf ( Las Tapas, if I remember the name of the place correctly)
Eating on much true fun for we Indians.

It was fun cooking and eating at home too this weekend.
Saturday - Palak Paneer, Paratha and Biryani (cooked by great me, hee hee hee. No laugh it was seriously yummy)
Sunday - Puranpoli, Pulav, Punjabi pakoda kadhi (Again by great me, I am getting expert at cooking now, he ha ha ha)

So Great Weekend with fond memories.... mwaah....loved loved loved it !!


Hardik Bhatt said...

good one , please describe your expeirence in detail

~ Lopa said...

# Hardik
Thanks, was just a little conscious of not making it too boring ;)

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