Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life of contrasts...

I love speed, I hate risks.
I love giving advice, I hate taking them.
I love cooking and eating till tired, I hate putting on weight.
I love to live in my dream world; I hate anything that's not practical.
I love proving myself intelligent, I hate others being stupid.
I love mystery, I hate suspense.
I love to dream all the time, I hate being called day-dreamer.
I love books; I hate being called a bookworm.
I love being talked to, I hate people talking non-stop.
I love singing, I hate when others keep singing around me.
I love to dance, I hate when I don't have a company.
I love to paint, I hate when I don't have anyone to admire it.
I love being quiet, I hate people around me being quite.
I love being with myself, I hate when people around me want to be on their own.
I love oceans, I hate that I can’t swim.
I love to remain fit, I hate exercising.
I love Saturday evenings, I hate Monday mornings.
I love saving, I hate not being able to save.
I love packing, I hate unpacking.
I love being praised, I hate false praise.
I love my friends, I hate having to say goodbye.
I love to be busy; I hate not having time for anything else.
I love being infinitely lazy creature the way I am, I hate doing nothing.
I love designer wears, I hate the way they don't fit me anymore.
I love spontaneity, I hate impulsiveness.
I love my friends, I hate being away from them.
I love being around people who take care of everything, I hate not being in control.
I love being very busy in my own world, I hate not being able to hang out with my Friends.
I love analyzing, I hate being analyzed.
I love logical thinking; I hate people around me getting in too much logic.
I love having an opinion on everything; I hate people being over-critical all the time.
I love chocolates; I hate overly sweet things/people.
I love being lost in my thoughts; I hate others being lost in their thoughts.
I love to sleep, I hate seeing you asleep when I am awake.
I love to be busy, I hate when you are too busy to talk to me.
I love being crazy, I hate others being crazy.
I love to write, I hate not having any ideas to write.
I love me, I hate too many "I" in this post.
I love you reading my blog, I hate you not putting a comment of encouragement.



Anonymous said...

Hey lopa, the way you have put up the contrasts are really nice.... u know it happens in everyone's life but will not be express it.. tht's life

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