Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids world

Since this weekend I have been thinking about kids a lot....

no no nooooo not about planning one ... come on.... not that soon...

but but but.... about how they change everything when around ... you know what i mean ??? just recall that party you have been lately, a normal get-together to catch up with others, and there were these kids present and how they turned the party and everyone revolving just around them !! remember now? yeah yeah that one ...exactly.

ohh man, can you imagine... we so called grown ups... die for that central attention and still some never get that in life time ( yeah but may be they got when they were kids, but what does that mean now...huh??? ) And this little ones, who cannot pronounce a word correctly, cannot walk without falling down every other minute, do not know what they are talking about, they walk in and just like that they become the celebrity guest and take the central stage before you know and steals whole show just like that.

They don't even have to try or do anything.... it happens just like that ..!!

Man... they simply rule ... They make you talk what they want you to, They make you play what they want you to, They can insult you and still you smile and say oooou such a cutie pie, naughty baby... and Whatever they do you just love them ;)

Imagine what will it be to live where it is same for even us...we can speak anything, no matter what we speak it will only bring laughter, no one will feel humiliated by us. Whatever we do it will only make us look more sweet, cute and smart ;)

Ohh God, please make us all kids again !!



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