Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parisien Ride

I love Paris taxis.

Ohh wait, apart from that one from last year which changed my mind to no travelling alone late evenings.
But now as i normally take morning or early evening flights, that is working good.

So now i think Paris taxi drivers are quite good actually, and also very smart. Like take this one, 99% of them know already that you are one of those asking-reciept type and they won't wait until you are at your destination but will try multitasking by doing it well in advance while driving, taking advantage of traffic.

They will try to make you feel good, some will put nice music ON for you, also changing channel or CDs looking at your expression in the mirror until there reflects sober expressions on your face. ( It's another matter that even though you don't understand French, you got to listen French music. )

Then there are these all friendly types who feel bad that we can't talk with each other due to our limited or no knowledge of other language. You can see them feeling miserable on not being able to be of any help to you from getting bored. I don't know who spread that word about French that they are a bit arrogant and one not wanting to talk in anything else than French. They are very nice actually.

Once this one taxi driver kept talking to me in French which i didn't understand and i kept saying i don't understand French. But he wouldn't stop. Then an idea clicked, i took out my iPhone, opened translation application, types in English, translated it in French that i do not speak French and i only speak English and may be a little bit Dutch if knows it. And he kept laughing for next 5 mins. And then he kept looking at me in mirror giving me a warm smile now and then. I don't know was it for my effort or he felt pity for me or he was just amused ! May be the last one. But that only lasted for half an hour, then we were in the middle of city, struck in traffic and he couldn't help but to talk with me in French ! Ok so then it was my turn to just look at him and smile. No, i didn't take that effort to take my phone out again and to type - translate - read. Just smile.

Most common topic to try to make conversation is traffic, sometimes it goes like they saying little traffic with smile and when you reply too much, they will correct you with No, little traffic. OK.

They will even check on you from mirror if you haven't fallen asleep. ( highly possible considering your luck in traffic and also if you took early morning flight. ) When you notice this they will give you a smile assuring you are not very far now.
They can talk with same/ limited 5 English words they know and will try to give you a company.

Ohh and sometimes they will like you praising their taxi. Once I had a really nice taxi, all leather and all and he actually asked me if I like his taxi ! And yes he really had a very good taxi, he deserves to be proud of it ! I think.

What are your taxi experiences impressions?

All the observations put here might be gender specific, in adverse experience writer is not to be blamed ! ;o)

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

London Shower...

Wrote this post while was on summer vacation, sitting in London. Finally it is seeing the daylight today! :o)


Every country in Europe has its own stories about how imperfect weather can be.

When we started preparing for UK trip, I read the same, never trust the weather. Being used to hearing that about everyday I knew what it meant. (Or atleast I thought so!)

At London, we took the Thames cruise to enjoy the beauty of London from river of Thames.

It was really nice weather, almost perfect. Sun was shining in clear blue sky. After a while it started penetrating our skins as we were sitting on deck. Some more minutes and it started getting a bit too much and Ashu asked me if I wanted to move inside cruise as it was getting really warm. I replied I was liking it… sun, river and cruise.

While thinking the same those words that I read so many times rushed to my mind “Never trust the weather here”. I wondered if it was possible to experience that chill now while the sun shines. I smiled and settled my wondering mind over admiring tower of London and the bridge,

A moment passed and a cold breeze touched my cheeks. I actually liked it after this warm penetrating sun rays.

A few more moments and it was windy, getting chiller moment y moment forcing everyone to put on their jackets.

A few moments and came a drop on my forehead.

A few more moments and we were rushing downstairs towards downstairs on cruise. While hearing those last words of trip from tour guide, we were sitting in comfortable chairs enjoying view of London eye from behind the glass windows with heavy shower blocking the view!

So here I am, repeating the stereotype you might have heard hundred times:

“While in London, you never know what to expect, so always e ready to expect the unexpected.” :o)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Life in Metro

All the luxuries in Netherlands, which comes with calling it home now, didn't provide me with many opportunities to live a life in-out metro, but now I do as Paris is not that kind to me.

Well actually metro life is quite interesting and with my part-time hobby of observing people it gets even more interesting. (Yes, I know may be Interesting only to me!)

So my people-observing skills made me do some statistical analysis on people travelling in the metro in peak hours ...

- 60% of them are reading something, it can be anything… book, newspaper or just something on their mobiles. Yes, even when there isn't enough space to stand or breathe properly, they are just reading.

- 29.99% of them are just staring in the blank with their earphones ON. Don't think they are looking at you, they are not. May be they are trying to recall visuals relative to what's ringing in their ears.

- 0.01% of them are noticing ... ok may be it's just me, noticing what they are upto!

Metros are so packed sometimes specially at office peak hours that there are people pressed against doors and...

- 95% of them looks like lost in the crowd.

- 4% of them are looking at themselves in the glass of doors and windows, just checking themselves out in general.

- 1% of them are checking themselves out in the glass thinking it’s a mirror and same time giving a nice smile to self. Yes, no kidding.

I actually checked out if they were giving smile to someone besides reflecting in mirror or some acquaintance but no, it was a nice, warm, constant smile to own-self. Well I thought it is good, isn't it? If no one else, atleast your own-self deserves a nice smile from your self!

Too much of statistics, which noone might be interested reading in, so may be I should scribble down something useful to others as well? As I am already writing about metros, obviously choice is something metro.

- First of all avoid pick hours if you are just there for tourist purpose, you can let those office travelers have a break from your ohh-wow-Paris-sooo-nice look.

- You can buy a day pass from air-port/ tourist info which allows you to travel unlimited using metro/tram/bus. When we visited Paris first time we had that, we bought that from airport ticket window. But I haven't seen that option at the Metro stations in the city, so it is advisable you buy it from there without thinking you can always buy that later if you feel a need for it.
I love the network connection in Paris, travelling is indeed very easy.

- If you haven't got those day passes, you can buy ballet of 10 / 20 tickets from any metro station to avoid standing every time in the queue for ticket.

I have noticed some problems with that though, sometimes when you have put tickets in your wallet or near phone or something, it doesn't work. Initially I used to throw away them getting irritated.
It is irritating that you have a ticket in hand, you try to enter the door and it gives you a beep with access denied! And then you have to search other ticket in you pocket while there are people pushing you from behind to move on.

So just from experience I keep two tickets in hand and in the case one doesn't work. This problem I only face when I have bought 10 tickets ballet never with individual tickets but then if you have a valid ticket and no access, you can always go and ask at ticket counter and they will check your ticket and let you enter or will just renew the time-stamp on your ticket if that's the issue. But is convenient in a way time-saver (of course not when it doesn’t work) and most of the time there is always a queue at ticket windows or machines.

Easy thing is to buy from some small metro station as it won’t be that crowded, smart huh? ;)

Ok enough metro. I am back to home over the weekend and time for some luxuries.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living a dream, Part-time !

As I kid I fancied a life, living out of suitcase, I always wanted to be that very busy corporate personality living with / around a traveling suitcase, collecting lots of air-miles, flashing 10 cards, and most of the all flying over all the gorgeous countries.

But as it turns out as we grow up, the reality hits. You work doesn't mean you have it all. Not everyone in the organization gets to travel. Not everyone who works lives out of the suitcase. Not everyone works for a multinational company. Not all organization has work all across the globe!

May be it was that child-hood dream which made me go for MBA, as I thought may be it will bring me more near to my dream, but it didn't. Years passed and I started feeling happily settled in life and almost forgot about it until now.

In my recent job, we are going for a new system which meant travel on & off to our HO at none other than Paris!
And that brought all the childhood fantasy back, well I might not have achieved even 10% of those fantasies, i might not be doing even a fraction if all what those dreams hold and this might not be a forever thing but this is enough to give a feeling of how it will be, a reality check on how would it have been if those dreams had come true.

Well I do enjoy what I do, I do love this experience and I do know how nice exposure it is for me personally and career wise but same time reality is also how it is not so much fun, being on your own in a new place where you don't know anyone. Spending evenings alone, and missing loved ones, worrying about him if he ate his dinner properly or not! (Knowing he cannot cook and he doesn't eat leftovers!) And he is also home, all alone trying to keep himself busy with work !

Everything has got some pros and cons I guess. But still it feels nice in a way at least I am living a part of a dream!

P.S. And that's the reason of my invisibility on blogosphere. Thanks to you friends for checking on me if everything alright. I am settling in a new system and hopefully will be back to new schedule soon.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday 13th, What do you think about it?

As i entered the office today and greeted in general "Good Morning", my voice came out like bad throat. To that my colleague commented that you know it's 13th August today so in general there will be more accidents. Ok to be honest i don't know what 13th August has to do with more accidents.

My other colleague added it has to do with Bible as it is noted there. Okay now i don't know that too. So that first colleague said ya see it has to do something with Bible but as i don't follow it, i shouldn't believe in it. True, isn't it?

So is this just a Dutch belief or in other counties too regarding accidents?
I couldn't find any logic in 13th August, so i google and came across this link, there is also a separate paragraph on this Dutch belief.
To sum it up as 13 number is believed inauspicious (which i knew) and also Friday ( which i didn't know) so this combination of 13th and Friday must be !

Don't know where all these superstition started year back. To me accidents happens everyday, it's just as our minds are more receptive of any bad news on this particular day because it is actually looking for it to validate that belief and so it notes those incidents more than on any other day.

What do you think? Do you have any 13 and Friday stories? and what about Bible, where does Bible play role in this? Because of Good Friday or Black Friday thing? ( Pls forgive me for my ignorance ! )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is killing a solution?

When something on my mind I got to get it out. I am too upset, too shocked to think about anything else right now.

Why do people kill someone really? What do they get by doing so? Is it worth it?
One might have lots of grudges against some one, one might be too angry to feel like killing someone, but aren't all those momentary things, can one really feel satisfaction of taking revenge by killing someone?
I guess those weak moments brings those sudden rush of killing someone or killing own self, but what after that moment is passed?

I just came to know about how a surgeon was stabbed to death in his own residence at the place I grew up. No I don't know him, but do we have to know someone to feel so?
I saw his pics just a few days back when my dad shared a few pics of places they visited during their training stay in other state.
It is more shocking to me as he lived at doctors' quarter where I grew up. We lived there till I was 16, for me that was the safest place on the earth.
Doctors are considered the most reputed people there, then hearing such news surely breaks all the faith we hold. Why would someone do that?

I don't know the intention of such deed, and how it's justified in eyes of one who did it or even that who did it!
But I know killing someone is never a solution for anything. No one deserves to die that way.
I am still in shock. May his soul rest in peace.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

10 days with iPad.

From the moment i updated my FaceBook status on how i got iPad as a surprise gift from Ashu while we were on vacation at UK, I have been getting requests from friends to write about how i feel about this latest gadget on the board.
To be frank, i love gadgets but i am not good at reviewing them with all the technical details and pros & cons. It's just what i like it and what i would have liked more without any technicalities.

When iPad was announced, We didn't understand what all the hype was about ! Initially when heard about it , wanted one. Then when saw it for the first time, weren't sure anymore. It just felt like bigger iPhone, weren't sure if we wanted to spend that much on this new kiddo. But the more we kept seeing it in stores it made us fell for it and then we wanted one. With all the waiting list and the fact that you still need to book/ reserve and wait to get it in Netherlands, it was nice to buy it at UK.

iPad is something totally different, something kind of hybrid, somewhere in-between iPhone and Mac notebook. The user interface might feel familiar to the most, but it's not a PC in any way. It's Interface additions help to do more and go further than what is possible on an iPhone, but it's not like any computer you've ever used.

When you take it in your hands, first thing you will notice is it's gorgeous screen with very nice 1024X768 resolution and it's excellent build quality. The aluminum back feels great under the finger.

Everyone around me who saw it, the first reaction came as how beautiful the screen is ! Everything looks sharp and colourful. The contrast and colors are Amazing. In direct sunlight, you will get a good amount of reflections, but overall, the iPad display is good, especially if you are looking at an image with bright colors.
And speed, it's fast.

It offers iBooks. I like it's user interface. It is simple and readable, it has a search feature too. I used to fear that reading from an LCD display would cause eyestrain or even headache. I haven't experienced any eyestrain but that is may be as I'm looking at a computer LCD most of the time anyway...
I also like the Split screens feature in iPad. It divides the content into segments of the same screen. In the mail app, that means you can look at the list of your emails while keeping a message in view, or keep your multi-page work in Keynote available to you even when editing. You can download an application from app. store for free which will split your browser while surfing, handy at times.

The in-built speaker(s) are good, sound quality is very nice, you tube experience is really good. We spent quite a lot time watching videos on you tube other day and it was fun.

Also the battery life is simply unbelievable. First week as it was working week, we used it only in the evenings and we had to charge it only after 4 days. It provides almost 10-11 hours constant running time. Also Sleep mode, most gadgets continue to drain power when they are in sleep mode. In the case of the iPad, I noticed that it lost only about 1% per night (7-8 hrs), which is quite low. This might be a positive effect of not having too much stuff running in the background.
Emails are easy to read and it's also easy to switch from one account to the next. But typing something long for continuously more than 10 min is not a very good experience. Your fingers are hanging in air so it's tiring and it can get frustrating with some alphabets with touch screen. I guess for real typing you need extended real keyboard.

What i don't like about it is, No USB port. It doesn't have camera too, but it's ok but i would like to have a USB port atleast. Also Outside of iTunes, there's little to no way to manage files. So there is restrictions to File Management. You can read a doc, pdf, xls file opening from e-mail but cannot save it. I would like it better if i can create a "user" folder that I can organise the way i want. Also there's no flash, and many flash-heavy sites won't work properly.

Although it is mentioned that the iPad can be charged from a computer USB ports, but this is true mainly for Mac computer USB ports. As we are stuck with that iPhone port for everything
No background execution (multitasking) for third party applications.

So Do you want an iPad? Probably. Do you need an iPad? Probably not. The iPhone is sufficient for many things you might want to do with iPad. In my experience, the iPad doesn’t offer a big enough improvement to warrant the additional investment.

So bottom line, it is very good, i like it but it might not be for everyone. You will get work done with it, play with it, surf with it, consume content with it, but it is not that you will never miss your computer. For long e-mails / reports, For file management, for some real work you are going to miss it. Like now to blog this post what i wanted was my laptop !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fair - Tan

I love noticing things/ differences, specially in how people think and behave.
It is so interesting how perception changes from people to people.

One of such contrast is creams people use !
Oh you don't get it? Let me clear it for you.

If you have been to Asia, you know craze for fairness cream. Craze about how to be what they call "fair"! Craze for a white skin, no doubt why those fairness creams are doing so well there.
When i moved here, walked in a mall for the first time, i noticed that all those fairness creams where replaced with tan creams !

Got the picture now? So creams rule !

Yesterday as i was sitting at my desk, one of my colleague came to discuss something, he was just back from vacation. He was asking me something and suddenly he placed his hand beside mine comparing "i was trying to achieve almost that tone, did i succeed? "
I couldn't help but smile.

So moral of the story wherever you go, people are all the same, only creams they use changes :)

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear Sun...

When it was winter, we complained how insanely cold it was and how much we wanted you and warmth you offer.When it was Spring, we felt happy that summer is no far. Soon will be having you more.

When summer was delayed, we cried missing you complaining how longest day of year is gone without making us feel summer arrived !

You were moved by all the longings, feeling happy and shining with biggest bright smile and that made us cry with how hot it was, almost suffocating. No sun burns, no sun strokes please.

You felt offended, you didn't know what we wanted anymore. You cried, you wiped, you shouted and all we had was rain, wind and thunderstorms. We complained about bad weather !

I understand it is not possible to make everyone happy and you can't be everywhere, but now as we plan to take our summer vacation, dear sun please forgive us for all the immaturity we shown.
We want you, we appreciate you and i promise you to be thankful, to be happy and not to complain about you, only if you just keep smiling ( Yes, just a sweet smile, not that laugh showing all those brightness with your sparkling teeth ).

If not everywhere, Please be where i will be, at UK.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogger issue !

And comments are back !
Seems like this issue is resolved.

This post if just to know you all that I am facing this problem with my blog.
It is not i am not replying to comments on my blog, but there is some problem that whatever i reply is not appearing on my blog. When i post a reply, it looks like i posted, i can see them and in a moment they are all gone !
Even some of your comments i received in e-mail notification and they don't appear on my blog and some do ! So it might be appearing same when you post, that you see it's posted but i am letting you know this that when you visit again and look for a reply and can't even see your comment, it is not someone deleted it, but it is just because of this problem with blogger !

Even number of comment it shows on my Blogger Dashboard and Blog page are different as that on Dashboard are including those comments which are not visible on Blog Page and Blog page displays number of comments only which are visible !
Creepy !!!

I wrote to Google Helper and I am receiving comments from other users that they are also facing similar problem but no solution so far !
I hope there is a solution soon.
This is driving me crazy !
Did any of you ever faced similar problem? Please help if you know how to fix it or whom to contact !!

Put me a comment, it will be interesting to see who can post comment and whose comments disappears like mine !
And even if your comments don't appear on blog, don't worry i am getting those on my e-mail notifications, so i will be reading them!


Comment Notification :
Aledys, Lizzy, Invader_Stu... I read your comments on e-mail.... too bad none is appearing here !

Monday, July 5, 2010


This is so difficult to admit.... specially because i don't know how that can be true !
mmm... i mean may be, right?
Okay say it.... mmm may be i am facing a writer's block, with nothing in mind which i desperately want to write about, but i say that is not possible as i am not a writer, right? And i don't write, i just ramble things and thoughts here & there.
Does that means my mind is blank? That's even worse than what i was thinking that it is all because of my busyness ! Or may be laziness acting !

Ohh well, at least now i have somethings to share, i got the blogger meet invitation from Anita from Greetings from Holland last month, i was not sure if i would be able to make it with summer vacation plan but glad i could.

I met some of the beautiful fellow bloggers yesterday and it was so nice.
Thing is i met them for the first time and it didn't feel like it was first time. Through the blogs and reading, it felt like we already knew one another. So nice, lovely and warm-hearted.
Nice food, Anita really worked hard for this and to top it nice weather !
Well i didn't bring my camera with me, so no pictures for me, but i guess others who had the camera clicked a few and they will be sharing them on their blogs.

With the nice weather spell we had in last weeks, everyone is busy here enjoying their share of summer which finally made it's presence felt. Better late than never, right?

Also the FIFA fever ! With Holland winning against one of the world cup favorite Brazil, things are going crazy here with men in oranje !
Final match doesn't look that far, of course we need to win tomorrow's game for that first but some how all around me doesn't want to look that close, so i am happy going with the flow.

Also i was tagged by Amit from Some Sizzling Scintillating Speculations.
Tag - What's in your bag?

I have a reverse story than other people like Amit who from carrying something to started not carrying a bag at all.
For me i used to go office empty handed just with a thin wallet in my pocket and a cell in my hand. Which apparently wasn't very girlie. I used to like appearing kind of tom boy type....hehe
Then in my prev job, it was a manufacturing plant and so there was nothing around the plant if one wants something. So i started carrying a small purse (in case of need to carry something), but it was often empty with just a wallet and cell in it !

After moving here now normally i carry a wallet, my phone, headphones for my iPhone, some chewing gums, my AbnAmro on-line banking instrument (i don't remember what it is called ! ) and a small umbrella (yes, learning from living in Holland) in my purse.
Right now as a result of change of purse and nice sunny weather around i no more have umbrella in my purse at the moment but in stead i have some paper napkins, not because they are handy and useful, i think that's a result of eating while driving !
Ohh and yes, sometimes there are some prints of recipes, i came across internet and couldn't help myself but to print it to try later and sometimes some prints for vacation planning.

This is surprising, no make-up !!! I should be carrying some make-up too, to make my purse have more girlie feeling ! hehe

Ok Now time for you to tell me, what do you carry in your purse / bag?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day !

As they say, there comes pros and cons with everything in life and so does with this life as an expat, living away from homeland. With so many good things, one which tops as a down sides is missing family back home, missing parents!

It is but obvious why suddenly this is on my mind, Yes 20th June - Father's Day !

Well , back in India this occasion didn't mean much, not because it is not celebrated or no one knows about it, ( in fact in recent time if i say there is hardly any day or festival not celebrated in India it will not be an exaggeration. Indians love to celebrate and they need a hint of a reason), but more because of a culture where parents and children relationship is a bit different and even staying together with parents for whole life is also considered a way of life. Then your everyday is a mother's day or a father's day.

Today morning i messaged papa wishing him Father's day and reply came...
" Thank you, but i believe these formalities are not necessary,fir bhee new society rules it's ok. we will also follow the social norms. we miss u."

And i couldn't but smile !

There is no way any of us can thank our parents for all what they have done for us with a single word of "Thank you ". But isn't it still better to express your feelings on a name of one day than to think one day is not enough and then never express how we feel !
So think there comes importance of such days, they give us a reason atleast to express our gratitude or just to acknowledge the fact we know and we will be always grateful for all the love. Wish we can be as you are.

When compared mom and dad, Mom's love always remains more expressive, but still it is dad's is never the less.

I know days when papa would be late from hospital due to some emergency and i will fall asleep before he is home. When back, he will just sit beside me with his hands in my hair eventhough i wouldn't know !

I remember days i used to think that if i am sick and papa will just touch my forehead and i will be alright as he has special power and somehow growing up from a kid hasn't help much with that belief. For most of us as a kid, dad is always a super hero who fixes all our problems in a blink of an eye time.

I remember when i would be angry and sleep crying, he will come to my bed at the midnight as he wouldn't fall asleep. He will sit there beside a sleeping kid promising to make it ok whatever made me cry or angry.

I always knew when you didn't tell me something or gave an opinion about something you didn't like or didn't approve, just because you knew we will never disobey your words and you wanted us to be ourselves, taking our decisions ourselves. Thanks for that wisdom and freedom Papa.

As a part of growing up, understanding/maturity came ( or atleast we thought so ) - me, my sister and brother, we decided that we should be sorting out our silly problems ourselves than any tensions or troubles to parents. Being the eldest I also ordered them to come to me if that need arise than troubling parents with our silly problems. And we all agreed thinking we are mature now.
But alaaas... what were we thinking? Is it ever possible?

From tone of our voice they know what's in our mind. With a glance of our face, our smile will make them know. They have known us longest and there is no one who can know us more !

One of those time while i was staying in a different city for my masters studies and was trying to prove myself more responsible and grown up, not speaking much when in fact i needed them most, i received a call from dad, asking how was i doing and as i replied my usual all well, he told me something which i will never forget ...
Dear, we know you are mature, and we believe in you and all the decisions you take. We know you can take care of yourself and you are strong enough to manage everything but all we want is to be there for you. Let us to be there, let us be the part of your life - of what you are going through. We don't want anything but to support, can you please let us just support?

And there i was, speechless with tears in my eyes! Guess we are never grown up enough when it's our parents.
That taught me - no problem is that big to discuss with parents. May be one day whole world will turn face against me but still i will have them.

Thank you for everything Mom & Dad, thank you for what you are.
I know wherever we are, you are always there as a strongest support / pillar of our lives and values we hold in life today.

Happy Father's Day Papa, I know you will be always there and I promise i will be always there.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In peace with green !

This post recieved special mention at Blogadda's "Conserve. Recycle. Discover - Make Mother Earth Happy " event.


Happy Environment day, Belated !
Why belated? It's all about how environment matters, then why only 5th June? Why not everyday?

"Jai Environment !"
Happy Environment Day everyone, today and everyday ! :o)

At my office they celebrate Environment Day every year, wait i am not sure. I haven't been here that much longer so while i am here, they did last year and they did this year.

They also arrange some kind of competition for this day along with all routine presentation and stuff to make it more interesting. Last year it was to come office on you bicycle and one who covered longest distance was given a prize and this year it was a photography contest on theme "Trees".... to be precise... 'Trees matter to us, Trees matter to nature and Trees matter to animals.'
Last year i couldn't participate as i stay 20 min walking distance from office, and winner travelled more than 20 kms one way. This year I couldn't think of anything related which i can submit and also didn't get time to go out with a camera to participate in that. sad.

But I completely agree with the slogan line ... think about it...

Trees matters to us, that is obvious as where will you pee if you are in the middle of jungle? Ohh forget it, i meant isn't it nicer camping in woods? ;o)
Trees matter to nature, obvious, if not for trees, how will we know when we crossed concrete jungle and entered in to lap of the nature !

Trees matter to animals, obvious, where will they run when they see you?

While we are talking about environment friendly-ness, i would say i love the way in Europe people use bicycle, back home i didn't even think to go to office on bicycle. When you go to college, you want a latest brand vehicle on your dad's expense and here even company MD will come to office bicycling his way, took some time to let everything sink in and accept the different mind -set and appreciate it.
Aaah and that yellow light in housing everywhere, candle-light dinner every night ! Now when back home lighting feels blinding !

Staying here has helped me to realize, one doesn't need to be an environmentalist or socialist or whatever, It's not a difficult mission, It's just about being a bit more conscious about surroundings and about own selves by incorporating small healthier habits in daily life.
For example,
Don't drive always - walk, use cycle when possible!
Don't use those disposable cups, own your own mug, it doesn't take much to wash-clean and re-use !
Take stairs than elevators / lifts for just 1-2 or 3 floors ! (save energy and stay fit !)
Use energy saving lights. (when dimmed they are romantic believe me ;o) )

Aaaah advises, advises ... It doesn't work that way.... Implementation is the key !

I was a very conscious kid you see (may be unconsciously though, hehe ), I have always been contributing in saving environment in my ways.

I stopped writing diary as a kid when i came to know how my writing daily crap on page was contributing slaughter of trees ! (And you thought i was lazy? blahhhh !! )
I would have even stopped writing notes in school, i would have stopped doing school home work and i would have even stopped writing exams, only if everyone was as conscious as me ( yes conscious, not lazy ! ) on saving the trees and agreed with me not forcing me to write exams on paper !
I would say, why don't they cancel all the written exams, there will be only viva and practicals... nice, great contribution towards saving trees. What you say?

Oooops wait, i hear some noise outside... ohhh students !
They are protesting against me, why? Ohh for scaring them with idea of "Don't bluff on paper, bluff on face !"
Ohh come on guys, i am just trying to save environment!!
It's a free world, everyone has right to say what they think, but one is responsible for their free- actions so guys, please cooperate.

Wait, Blogging doesn't effect environment? right? If it does i have to stop here. Do let me know what alternatives can be taken, no pleasure at the cost of environment please.

Where were we? Oh yes Environment Day celebration at my office. So they also give some environment free gifts after a small get together, environment presentation and some tea-coffee-cake.
Last year it was hortencia's plants and this year it is rechargeable battery. Funny thing was as given, people looked at it and put it in pocket, only a few minutes later when everyone was at their respective desks, we got this e-mail.

"Dear All,
The battery you have received after the Pulse Environmental Presentation is a USB-Battery. You can recharge the battery by plugging the battery (see picture below) in the USB-portal of your computer.
For people who are already aware of this fact, this email is not applicable."
Ooops !

Hope you all had a great weekend, you didn't harass environment much, i didn't i spent weekend cycling on the island of Texel !
Be good to Environment. If you love it, it will love you back ! :o)

P.S.: I am sending this post to Blogadda's "Conserve. Recycle. Discover - Make Mother Earth Happy " Sponsored by Pringoo.

Friday, June 4, 2010

And the result of prev. Travel Photos contest post is announced !

It was so nice to feel that adrenaline rush after years... to wait for the result.... to check that result page again and again if the results are announced !
Butterflies in the stomach and finally.... i refreshed the page and this time it lead me to the different page than previous... to a result page.

I won it, i won it, i won it.
I called Ashu the moment i saw my name and then went to twitter, buzzed/ pinged some close friends and finally here blogging about it to share with you all :)

Thank you everyone for your wishes.

Here is a link to result page. - "Travel Photos Contest winners announced"

seems what they liked was how i explained my thoughts while taking those pictures.... so more than pictures its my thought that counts, you see...hehe

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's all about Photos while you Travel !

This post was one of the winners at Blogadda's "Travel Photo Contest" .


A few things happened simultaneously...
- Thinking about next blog post.
- Sorting out my photograph albums. (trying to be a bit organised, you see hehe)
- Came across this e-mail notification from BlogAdda, this week’s contest called ‘Travel Photos’ !

Good huh? They say "A Picture is worth a thousand words"... so sharing 5 pictures means a post worth five thousand words... hehe :o)

The idea sounded exciting and thought why not to participate and make life more exciting !
But that thought lasted only until now when i visited their site to check the rules and came across a pull of entries participating.... great work, Ohhh gosh do i still want to participate?
Ohh yes, it might would have dampened my spirit for a moment but it is all about sharing...that's all what matters right?

So here goes my five pictures...
(Click on the image to see the bigger image)

1. Can you imagine past behind this colorful present ?

This is a click of Berlin wall. You might have known all the hitory it holds, you might have read a lot stories about it and you might would have seen thousand pictures of the Berlin Wall, but nothing compares standing there and looking at the contrast a city holds by dividing in East and West.

Imagine, how will you feel if you sleep today and wake up in the morning only to realize everything you thought yours, no more is yours... your business, your job, your family ! Nothing stands there anymore !
You stand at a tram station waiting for a tram to go to work and that tram never arrives... you realise you are never going to that work place now. You didn't even get to bid a farewell !

I wondered standing there... the color of the past of this colorful present !

2. Boundary-less Friendship.

This pic was taken somewhere in Highlands, Scotland. We were driving on this narrow roads in mountains, saw these beautiful horses and stopped there. As soon as they saw us they came running towards us. They looked at us with the eyes i can never forget.
May be they were feeling lonely, may be they wanted us to play with them, may be they thought we were their owners / friends... whatever it was they stood there looking at us till we stood there.
It reminded us how for them there was no boundary of friendship, how we all humans were same for them, their friends !

So is it that now only these animals left with this self-less, Boundary-less friendship spirit?

3. Co-Existence.

Every time there is a development which involves nature and construction there is this big debate over what is right and what is wrong... how we are polluting or damaging the nature.
This place reminded which we all know in our hearts.... co-existence.
Development doesn't have to be at the cost of nature, THEY CAN CO-EXIST.

While standing at this place at Fort Augustus, felt like can we be any less in the lap of nature here? So serene and beautiful !

4. Past meets Present.

Brugge is a beautiful city, walking in each street brings past to present.
This pic captures one such moment.... two modes of transport... doesn't it look like past is merging in present and present is following the past !

5. Nature at it's Best...

Whatever progress man-kind make, nature always surprises us with it's beauty.... Can this otherwise desert-like looking place look more beautiful?

It was a wonderful moment, close to our hearts as we actually witnessed building up this rainbow... we were driving and thought there it looks like a rainbow, then same appeared from other corner and thought ohh my god two rainbows at the same time !! Ccan we be any more lucky on this trip?
And before it sinks in, we saw both ends stretching towards each other and joining at the middle, forming a full rainbow... how amazing ! No words to describe the feeling.
If you look at the picture carefully, you can actually see two rainbows, one very colorful and other one above that like a shadow of this.

There was no way we could just drive away... had to capture this pic :o)
Damn only i knew, would have captured a video.... hehe :o)

I send this post entry to Travel Photos contest by Blogadda, sponsored by......... PringOO.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Interview by Anita from Greetings from Holland

Anita is one of those first NL bloggers i started reading after moving to NL. She is originally Brazilian but now settled here in Netherlands with Dutch husband and kids.
When she asked me to do an interview for her Blog, it was really a honour. Thank you so much for that Anita :o)

She told me i can write as much as i want and as many of you know me how bad i am at short post i did write as much as it came to my mind at that moment.
I had given her a free hand to edit / cut whatever she wants but appears she didn't, so now bear with it guys ... may be a longest post on her blog ! haha
But then that is how I am, ain't i? Non-stop and un-edited :o)

You can check it out HERE.

Thanks once again for the interview on your Blog Anita.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How did you start Blogging?

Normally I don't do all the tags I am tagged for, but sometimes some tags are interesting, they come along interesting questions providing an opportunity to share and also award ! Can't resist them !

Like this award Alice from Alice in the wonderland bestowed me with.

Actually she gave the option to pick any award from the two, but I am shamelessly picking up both... hehe

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all.

Main reason I started blogging was an urge to share. I was missing my friends and family and time difference didn't allow talking with them whenever I had an urge to, so I started blogging.

Second reason, not having many friends or any family in a new country makes life boring, and to fight that feeling and for some good time pass I felt blogging was a nice way and then I can always go back and read them, it's kind of documenting life as it goes on :o)

Also because i had some wrong prenotions like i can write or i can be funny, which were obviously base-less and good that i started blogging, now know exactly where i stand !

I am so happy that I started blogging; it has helped me to get in touch with so many nice people. It is always nice when you get to meet people with similar wavelength and all of these are so talented; there is always some or other thing to learn from them. It's a great medium for fun plus knowledge sharing!

I didn't expect it to be popular and it is not popular.... hahaha but yes I would have loved and I will love if it is popular as that means only that I have a bigger circle of friends !

2. State the exact date you started your blog

hmmm... I don't remember ... as first few posts I wrote, deleted then imported-exported... and what not. But if I take this blog as it is right now and look at the date of first post available here... it is 14th May 2009.

Ooops it’s one year of this blog already, what a nice way to celebrate this realization with an award....awwww Thanks Alice :o)

3. Nominate 5 loyal followers !

Now this is really very difficult to pick 5 from 59, and there are obviously more than 5 about whom I don’t know how they started blogging and would like to know how they started blogging!

So I am converting this in a meme, and you who is reading this, I would like to know how it all started in your life, will you please share that with me? Amit, Krunal, Anita, Sagarika, Arwa, Isabella,Path Untaken, EFRUTIK , Sandra, Tiffany, Angela... any of you would like to take it up, tell me how?

Ok rules…

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all.

2. State the exact date you started your blog.

3. Nominate 5 loyal followers!

Ohh yes and if you are doing this meme, You can select one award as it was originally meant to or you also can be like me, picking up both of them... :o)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do you speak Glaswegian?

There are something which you already know but still they make you feel happy when you encounter them. Felt same when we landed in Edinburgh. (Yes, I am talking about our last week vacation at Scotland)
Fact that we could actually understand all the announcements, notices, displays, adds...hahaha
We were so happy that wow, here we don't have to wonder what does that announcement or notice means or how to explain something to someone, here language is English !

We came out of Airport, it was easy to follow the instruction, kept walking towards car rental, picked up the car.

Talked with my sister (who is doing her master studies at Glasgow school of arts) in response to her inquiry if we were already there, safely.
I chattered happily ...

Hey wow you know what we love this place, it's so easy to communicate !
Everything in English feels so relaxing now !
Ohh ya, that way !
It's nice being able to understand everything.
Ohh wait until you have to communicate more with them.
What do they mean, Official language in Scotland is English, isn't it?
It is.
It's Scottish English, and wait till you are in Glasgow and you 'll know what i mean !
hmmm ok.

And we knew what she meant as soon as we entered Glasgow and all our first response ended up being same as - huh? sorry?

But afterall it's English, ears gets acquainted with it after some time. And good thing, not everyone in Scotland speak that thick accented fast-paced Glaswegian English !
Yes in Glasgow they speak Glaswegian , not exactly English. ;o)


On the side note, While googling i came across so many website, offering help with Glasgow accent ! Amazing !
Look at this -

Life as it goes on... | Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL